I'm…an author? That's cool.

Hi, I'm Plant. YourWeirdPlant. Planty, Planto, Pla, Chlorophyll, whatever you wanna call me, I'm just a Weird Plant. I'm a current high school student who is currently swimming through absolute Hell to make sure that everything is right for me to go to college.

I'm a huge music guy. I love music. It's what I plan on pursuing (music teacher). I plan on making music as a side hobby. I love jazz (mainly bossa nova/lofi jazz), metal (mainly nu and progressive metal), psychedelic rock/pop/jazz, rock (mainly everything tbh), and any 90's hiphop and rap stuff.

I speak a bit of French and Greek, though I'm probably not fluent in both to hold a long convo (I can hold a short one, just not a long, complex one.) French I don't plan on continuing, but I am continuing Greek.

As stated before, I'm a musician. I like to make ambient themes. They're the easiest to make. Want one for your page? dm me. it's free. will likely take a while, though. tips in the form of artwork are appreciated but not needed.


I feel so silly! (credit to rollrealsweat for the picrew!)


My official mascot character, drawn by my wonderful friend Leafy :D

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