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this author page is in need of updating, in the meantime, here's some rad translations from the russian branch which made me feel so happy.

Genesis, translated by PythoPytho

A Second Book, translated by PythoPytho

and Level 777, translated by PythoPytho

It is an author page, yes

Hey you! Yes you, the reader! Welcome to my author page, maintained by myself, YellowISlolYellowISlol(If you didn't know this when looking, then I dunno about you kind person :3). At the time of writing, I have made about 20-ish articles on the wiki, but I'm sure that'll go up by the time you get to this!

About me?

I'm a person who actually exist, and I am not the color everyone makes me out to be (though I do encourage that theory often). I'm a prolific writer over here, and as of now, I have not got inactive yet. I write a ton of stuff for the wiki because I enjoy doing it so much, but I wouldn't say I'm the best of the best. My works typically always have eyes on them because I have trouble writing. I don't usually plan out much, I simply get on the page what I need. Cold posting isn't in much of my interest for that reason.

But that's boring, y'all wanna hear about me! I'm a high school student as of now who is heavily weighted with work I rarely ever actually do (I do it, just takes me time). I spend my time writing with my doggo, bouncing ideas off her and everything. Right now, I am working on a plethora of projects, all of which will likely never be done, but it's a boogie. I'm obviously kidding, I do plan to finish all of this.

Writing is honestly fairly easy for me to do. I have very little trouble oftentimes writing down ideas, which I have many of. The execution is truly the part that matters, so I focus on that much more than the writing itself. I still always get critique, but part of it is simply knowing what to do and being good at doing it.

Back to my dog, she is relevant here, so I'll introduce her! Her name is Coco, and she is the main motivation for writing. She always lays by me (as of writing, she is actually laying by me!), and she helps me write a lot! Coco can be thanked for every article this is now Coco's Author Page.


Rare image of said doggo :3

Without putting it off any further, here are articles made by me!

Articles List!

The Council

The Council Levels

Level 777 - A Game Of Chance

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The Council Tales

Synthesis Series!


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A Second Book

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Other tales

Butterfly Flight

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Contributions to Industrialization


Level 522

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Entity 82

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Object 8

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Object 21

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Object 83

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The Everything Machine


Development of The Everything Machine

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the game master is dead... HELP ME

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Level 178.1

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The Almond Lake

Joke Level XXX

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Level 721

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Level 18

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Entity 198

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Joke Entity XX

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Object 87

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Object 3

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Object 44

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Pen Pals Deluxe!


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Hubs and Such

The Council

Backrooms Robotics

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Scattered Dreams

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My Characters!

These are characters I have created and/or had a major influence in creating!

Saoirse Morgana
Title Author
Who is she?

Saoirse Morgana is the president of The Morgana Council in The Council Canon during the initial timeline. She is alluded to in Level 777 under the name of "A Simple Gamble Girl." She has a passion for gambling, but she is very responsible with it, and gauges her limits as such. She is a very mature person, and never picks fights she does not have to. Her mystique can best be described as "peculiar." Normally smells like a deck of cards being shuffled and lavender.
Is friends with Alexandria of The Splinter.
Is aware of The M.E.G., but does not care for them.
Major reality bender to ig.

Where to find her?

Everywhere essentially, but Level 777 is a good start.

Could I date her?

She is against the idea of relationships with anyone, and would never date.

Inherited Articles

Various entries from various authors I have inherited due to their inactivity.

From the hands of Generic3Generic3

Level -11

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