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Happy New Year, everyone! This may be coming a little too late, but The Backrooms Wiki staff is delighted to announce the annual features of 2023! It sure was an amazing year for the site and we saw some articles that can only be described with one word, and that is excellence. Which articles were the most excellent though, and which ones for each month? That is the purpose of this collection. Using a Google form, the community voted on one article from each month to be featured as the best of that month, which has now been compiled below. This page features a year-in-review of the best of the best from this year, along with featuring the author(s) who wrote it. Thank you to all the authors and readers who have contributed and read to the wiki in this year of 2023, without you, the wiki would be nothing! Let's hope for the best and let us have a brilliant year of 2024!

article January 2023

Featured Article:
The Sun over the Void
Featured authors: Kai4CKai4C & BoifromnowhereBoifromnowhere


Some things just aren't meant for us to know. And based on what we've heard, some things are best left damn well alone.
Image: Photograph of the entity taken by drone 'Vega-7' from Megaflora’s roots.

article February 2023

Featured Article:
Hotel Virginia
Featured author: Dr BierreDr Bierre


There is a bouquet of roses on a desk, and you watch them rot throughout the month. Nobody ever comes to change them.

article March 2023

Featured Article:
A Long Forgotten Exclamation
Featured author: PrinceBunPrinceBun


"i don't know, but it's like this place was just… completely forgotten, i guess?"

"that… doesn't sound right. isn't it a legend?"

"storytelling only keeps things alive for so long. eventually someone warps it to the point no one knows what the original tale is. a real fucked up kind of forgetting."

article April 2023

Featured Article:
The Red Rooms
Featured author: scutoid studiosscutoid studios


The M.E.G. have documented three instances of field agents falling victim to the Red Rooms, none of whom were seen again after their radio communications deteriorated.
Image: An image which was added to the General Public Database before the uploader's disappearance.

article May 2023

Featured Article:
Level 191
Featured author: The Son of ManThe Son of Man


Level 191 is a large underground complex. While superficially similar to a hydroelectric plant, the level is incapable of actually generating energy. Regardless of how you got here, remember: there are no rules of engagement.
Image: Section of Level 191. Note the shaft descending into the Lower Quarters.

article June 2023

Featured Article:
Level 2
Featured author: Greggita MahayfaioGreggita Mahayfaio


Level 2, for hundreds of years, had acted as somewhat of a nexus for various groups to converge in one common area. Its landscape was, for many groups, a decent area to attempt settling due to its hub-like nature to many different levels, many of which had food and water…
Image: A modern-day image of Level 2, taken by the late Overseer-C. Whilst primary source Macchina imagery predates this image, this one is one of the most well known.

article July 2023

Featured Article:
The Middlesorts
Featured author: Greggita MahayfaioGreggita Mahayfaio


Somalia Hanks: I mean… Maybe? Hey- think about it! There's also levels that are similar to the Poolrooms? There's ones of fire and air, but a lot of them are grassy?

Plants… Water… Those are basic things? What if this has to do with the creation of the Backrooms itself.

Peter Todd: Hah, yeah! And maybe it has something to do with the Glitchton, too!
Image: The waiting room that the Middlesorts revolves around.

article August 2023

Featured Article:
Level 881
Featured author: Kai4CKai4C


Time to go.
Image: Main atrium of the courtyard. Note the table in the corner, and the shadowy figures visible through one of the windows.

article September 2023

Featured Article:
Entity 1
Featured authors: Nikuchan Nikuchan , Greggita MahayfaioGreggita Mahayfaio & Paint PalettePaint Palette


Homo Sapiens — also known as Humans — are a species of intelligent, nearly hairless, bipedal apes that are among the most widespread and influential sapient lifeforms.
Image: An example of the cooperation of Frontrooms humans to create the largest known civilizations in existence.

article October 2023

Featured Article:
Level 246
Featured author: Robert GoermanRobert Goerman


Zoos in the Frontrooms showcase lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! This Backrooms vivarium features dinosaurs, humans, and cryptids, but why?
Image: Crude Topographical Map.

article November 2023

Featured Article:
Level 363
Featured author: Praetor3005Praetor3005


You are alone in the dark, and it's as if your training, all the the knowledge you've accumulated, it all feels useless.

article December 2023

Featured Article:
Phenomenon 18
Featured author: LiminalDoctorLiminalDoctor

Though misery is inherent in its nature, the Backrooms is, to the one who is many, fertile grounds for infinite wander.

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