Written Hopes
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Dear Blanche,

I'm writing you this letter by having one of my so-called worshipers transcribe it for me. I need your help. I know that I ran away from you all those years ago, but I feel it's time for me to return home. I can't stand being with these people anymore.

After I left, I thought one of those wanderers could assist me, turns out I was wrong. Very wrong. I think Witnessing the Beyond had some… unintended consequences. When these people look into my eyes, they get a glimpse into the Beyond, and it puts them in a trance. These start to worship me like… like a god? I don't get it, and I don't think I ever will. I thought these "Visionaries", as they called themselves could take care of me, and they did. They eventually got curious about the collar you gifted me, all those years ago. It did not take them long to discover its telepathic properties. They forged their own necklaces, similar to yours, with the same capabilities, but in a much more limited range. They were inside my head, I couldn't take it, they were so irritating. I knew what I had to do once again, run away.

I found a place like no other, a world that I could access, but they couldn't. It was a nice, albeit broken, little paradise of mine. It was a house surrounded by a field, I loved my time there. There was only one thing wrong, the world was crumbling beneath me with every second. This world would one day collapse into nothingness, and time was running out. I stayed there until the very end, but now… where would I go next? I knew I couldn't stay with those people forever.

That leads us to the present, and to this letter to you. I don't know how to give this to you… maybe I'll place it in one of your books and hope for the best? If you do get this message, though… I miss you. I miss the library, I miss everything. Please, let me come back. I beg of you.


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