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General Writing

When writing a Story, whether it be a Level, or an Entity, your page needs to have generally good writing with both grammar, syntax, and the overarching story. You'll need to make your story entertaining and fun bone writhingly creepy (but still compelling), while also making it easy enough for people to read.



You'll first need to check your spelling errors, to make sure people can read, and enjoy your story. This task can easily be done with Right-Clicking on your misspelled word (signified by the red line underneath your misspelled word) to Auto-Correct it. although, depending on how your word is misspelled, this feature may not work all the time, So looking up the way it's spelled is usually the safe option.


The punctuation varies depending on what kind of page you're writing. If you're doing a Tale, then follow your English 101 and follow your writing style. If you're writing an Entity document, or outlining a Level, then it's best to be as descriptive — and concise — as possible; none of this bloating nonsense that adds nothing.

Story Writing

You'll need to have an compelling story to make a proper entry. It could be mysterious, or action packed, as long as the story has a sense of direction and purpose, even if your story is Completely random and wild. You'll also need "Entertaining Characters" that have roles and backstory, and a sense of purpose, to further entertain the reader. Your story can take place in any, or a completely new Level of The Backrooms, for better storytelling. Your story should also leave a sense of Mystery behind it, as it would fill the Reader with more questions, but don't leave every question un-turned.

Level Writing

Writing a Level needs to be mysterious, and make some amount of sense. A Level can have many different Colonies and Outposts, to make the Level feel a bit more alive, and a special Entity is always good to create. An image is optional, but would be needed to make the reader imagine that they're really there, and Immerse themselves into your Level.

Entity Writing

An Entity can be made in many different ways. To be terrifying, to be extremely Mysterious, to be funny, to be and more. As long as the creature is entertaining to the reader, and leave a sense of Mystery behind it. and give it many different Levels, or just one Level to roam around.

Although There are many things you should not do, while making a Entry.

Do Not:

Copy Other Stories

Using Other writers material, or just simply copying their Text from our Wiki, back onto your page on our Wiki, is not acceptable unless it is transferred from the Fandom Wiki, and is acknowledged that the text is from said Wiki, then it is fine, unless you copy the Text from Fandom, and claim it as your own, without acknowledging The Fandom Wiki, is also not acceptable. Also, copying from the SCP Wiki, and Books, movies, or any other media not related to The Backrooms, and claiming it as your own, is also not acceptable.

Harassing/Insulting Other Users

You harassing other users and using profanities against non-fictional characters in your stories are not allowed. Racist and/or Gender insults are also not acceptable.

Unwarned Inappropriate Content

Any instances of adult (NSFW) content should be warned with a collapsible and the 'adult' tag. If not, your page will be removed and you will be liable for an infraction. Not Safe For Life content is only allowed with staff approval. No exceptions.

Still need help Writing? Please check out the "Contributions Guide", For more detail.

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