Whispers From The Dark

The beginning. Such a time that is only able to be theorized about. No one truly knows how this place started, no matter how much knowledge they say they have. The beginning brings upon a dimension of new arrivals, fresh slates, and persistent exploration. For millions of years, this plane of existence remained inhabited by its native creatures. The crazed abominations that are an amalgamation of decayed flesh, smoke-like smiles which radiate through the darkened halls, and large insects that only wish to fly and find lights.

In this alternate reality, there are some peculiar entities which only exist by themselves. A nice woman who serves people cups of tea, a girl who just loves puppets, and a teacher who may be in the wrong plane of existence. There are others, though. Others in this place that don't wish to be seen, those who are trapped, or maybe those who are just wanting to be alone.

This is where we begin his tale.

The crystal caverns was created with every other location in this dimension; left by itself, forming its structure, and developing its hospitality. Three beings were created when the level emerged. They were made of crystal, three different types, and looked at each other. They were all sisters, or so they assumed. They wondered if they had someone different, someone new. Then they heard someone walking down the caverns. Much deeper footsteps than the three of them. The heavy steps turned the corner, and they saw another rock figure. Yet this one was a man, made of a deep black crystal.

The three were intimidated by him, and they thought that he would control whatever would happen in these caves. They pushed him away, forced him into a void of nothingness, almost as black as the crystal man. The turquoise didn't like what they had done, and in a fit of sadness she pushed her sisters aside.

The family was separated. With all of their panic and three short minutes, the four crystal figures who could have done so much more had pushed each other apart. The turquoise girl had made her own area, the place where travellers would begin, and greeted them when she came across new beings. The amethyst girl had fallen ill from sadness and heartbreak, falling deep into her home and tainting the air as a result. The ruby girl was so full of rage that she exploded in anger, throwing shards of herself into the surrounding environment.

As these areas began to expand over time, the life source of the girls was draining. They knew their time was beginning to end, and they began to make their last acts. The turquoise girl, now old; transparent, and cracked, walked into a large cavern she had never seen before. She lay on the cold, gray rock and closed her eyes, dying peacefully. As her body faded she formed into what is now called Meditation Cove, which releases the feeling of her loving care and relaxation she always had.

The amethyst girl had been suffering all this time. She couldn't stop coughing, couldn't stop bleeding, and couldn't stop aching. She had wished death upon herself as quickly as she could, and soon enough she would be granted her wish. She found a way to go down in her home, and as she went through the hole in the floor she fell and cracked her head on the new layer. Her head and body crumpled into shards, and as she cried tears of joy that her pain had ended, her home became much deadlier.

The ruby girl was still so caught up with anger that she did not realize what she was doing to herself. For millennia she had been tearing pieces of herself out and throwing them into walls, making the caverns hot and humid. These destroyed areas of her body had regrown over time in the past, but now the future had caught up with her. Death was knocking at her door, but she wouldn't go down without a fight. She had relied on anger for so long, she thought that's what was keeping her alive. She let out the loudest roar she could, the loudest scream, and the loudest cry of rage heard across the entirety of this dimension. She exploded violently, and as her head hit the ground her eyes opened in shock, feeling the calamity of death. She was finally free from the rage, free from the turmoil, and she was happy. She could now rest peacefully.

For years, the black crystal figure had been floating. He had nowhere to go. No home to return to. No domain to rule over. In the time he was in this blackness, he hadn't the power to create something of his own. He was helpless, stuck falling in wherever it was that he was. He had to use what power he had to escape this place.

With enough struggle, and years of dormancy to collect energy, he broke out of the endless void and emerged back in the caverns. It was dark. Silent. Lonely. Where was he? Where were his sisters? Why was everything so dark?

He was filled with despair, sadness, and heartbreak. Anger, rage, and, somehow, a sense of calamity. Everything that his sisters had felt he was now feeling, but he didn't register the correlation yet. He was feeling so much that he just punched into a wall, and then slowly slid down the cavern wall. Past his sobs he could hear the diabase breaking and cracking, and crystals began to emerge from the rock. The cavern lit up around him, and through his tears he saw the beauty of the tunnels around him.

This… this is… beautiful. Did I… create this?

He didn't care that he somehow had a voice now. He was more focused on whether he had actually created all of this by himself. Heartbreak turned into wonder as he explored the caverns, his eyes lighting up the path in front of him. There was so much here! He had created all of this! He finally had something. He had something to call his, to protect. Years of boredom and internal torment, finally released and turned into a wonderful domain which he could call his own.

Yet he was still alone, wasn't he? He only had himself and these crystals. What was the point of his domain if he couldn't tell people about it? Wait… why would he want to tell people about it? Who are these voices in his head? Why is he indecisive? It sounded like three people were going back and forth, yelling in his head about what to do.

You should open it up and tell people about it! Imagine how much fun you could have with other people!

No, keep it closed off. People are just gonna make fun of it and say that you did nothing.


What? No, I'm not going to ruthlessly kill. That's out of the ques-

We're not going to do that, A08@#@a! Why are you so bloodthirsty?!


Guys, we should stop arguing. It's not like this situation is going to improve from tearing our voices out.

The voices had stopped with the last girl's remark. Were these the girls who threw him into the void? Who were so scared of him? He definitely recognized the yells of the woman yelling, as he could hear her roars from anywhere he was. The second girl sounded… weak; sickly and ill. And the first girl was simply comforting. Just her voice soothed the being, and as the voices faded out he fell to the ground, losing consciousness.

Years passed as he was on the ground, asleep. During his slumber, humans had entered this alternate dimension and had dubbed them the "Backrooms." Such an odd name. Explorers had come through and classified the caverns as "Level 197," analyzed every part of the tunnels, and established their presence in the caves. The sisters were obviously not happy, but they couldn't do anything as the dark figure was still asleep.

Should we wake him up?

If so, it'll be one of the last things we do. Our energy is running thin.

He may never wake up if we don't make him. And who knows? Maybe he'll find a way to bring us back. Even as voices.

For once in millennia's, the sisters agreed on something. Acting as a family, and going through with their final decision, they used the rest of their life force to awaken their dark brother. His eyes snapped open and illuminated the ground, and he got up, rubbing his now horned head in pain.

What is on my head? What… what am I wearing?

Looking down, he could notice that he had many new additions. He now wore a suit of armor, that of which was surprisingly comfortable on his body. A soft, smooth cape rolled around his back, and he grabbed it to feel its embrace. The heavy cloth ran over his fingers and almost soothed them. He had never felt this material before.

On his waist was a mighty greatsword, sheathed in a metallic material. He pulled out the blade, and its onyx composure rang throughout the tunnels with a high-pitched ring. It was harmonic, and he swung the weapon around to feel its swift motions. For many this would be impossible to lift, yet he could swing it as if a child was holding onto a piece of paper. He laughed, emitting deep and genuine chuckles, and then admired the blade. He hugged his new possessions, happy that he had something else with him. He knew that somehow his sisters had made these for him. The questions of how could wait until later. For now, he was happy. Happy that he had something to remember them by.

Moments later, he heard voices in the tunnels. They sounded… different. Nothing he had ever heard before. He looked up at the caverns in the distance and walked towards the sounds of people talking. One started screaming in pain.

"FUCK, FUCK FUCK FUCK! My arm!" A woman screamed.

"I can't see you, use your medkit! I know I packed it in your bag!" Another man replied.

"I can't see my damn bag! I knew this was a bad idea, Charles!"

"So what, Diana! We needed to explore down here!"

The arguments kept going while the being got closer. Crystals on the walls rung and vibrated as the people talked, and it led him towards their location. He turned the corner and saw the two people clear as day. A woman, who had a large gash on her upper arm, and a man, who was looking around for the woman. They both saw the glowing eyes of his and immediately stopped talking, startled and shocked at the looming presence of the being.

"W-what is that, Charles?"

"I don't know. I've… I've never seen it before." Charles pulls out a pipe weapon and raises it, getting ready to swing. "You better not come close! I'm warning you!"

The being stepped forward and revealed itself. It was darker than the blackness of the tunnels, and the man shuddered in its imposing nature. The beast was filled with a protective type of anger, and he looked down at the man.

You dare to threaten me in my own home? My own domain? Succumb and kneel, and maybe you will make it out alive.

He didn't know why he was so angry. It was… surprising, to say the least. The man nodded and slowly kneeled, going to one knee. The woman, however, was not happy that she had received an injury on her arm, and she blamed the being for it. With a yell she pulled out her pipe and charged the beast, hitting it over and over with the weapon. Charles tried to protest, but it was too late.

With a blade swing and sounds of dripping blood, the woman's head fell right off of her shoulders. Charles didn't need to see her to hear the sounds. He yelled and picked up his weapon again going to swing, but before he could make contact a huge hand clamped down on his head. It burned, burned so badly that he thought he was in lava. He screamed, flailed, cried and begged to be let down, but the being didn't let him go. With tears streaming down his face, Charles' head became black, and soon enough he went limp.

What… what have I done?

He looks at his handiwork. A dead woman and a man who had suffered way more than he should have. The beast looks at his hands and wonders why that happened. Why did he kill the woman? She was nowhere near strong enough to break anything on him, much less scratch the armor. Why did he grab the man's head? He killed him just by touching him.

The bodies faded into nothing, and soon he could hear something. It was strange, to say the least. Someone else was in the caverns.

Hey! You're cool! Can I stay with you?

He had never heard this. Who else was here? It sounded young, like a child or teen.

Who are you?

I'm a voice, silly! I'm behind you!

He spins around and sees… no one. Confused, he turns around again to see the diabase ground. Where was this kid? He was very confused.

No, I'm with you! Like as a spirit!

Spirit? What do you mean?

I'm a ghost! You can't see me, but I can see you!

Are you one of the people I had just killed?

Kinda? I mean I remember their memories and experiences, but I don't feel like them! I think I'm just me!


Silence accompanied them for a while, with the sudden question from the whisper every now and then. Whatever they were, they're quite repetitive. "What's this," "what's that," "where are we," etcetera.

Are you a king? That crown of yours is really cool!

I suppose I could be considered a King. What do you mean by crown?

He reaches up to his head and feels an item floating above his head. He pulls it down and observes the crown in his hands. It was… beautiful. It had three gems in the crown, with the turquoise in the middle, amethyst on the left, and ruby on the right. They were his sisters, and to him they were right here in his crown.

What are those white crystals? They look cool!

White? No, these are different colors. What do you mean white?

They look white! They even glow!

Maybe only he could see the colors. They were his sisters after all. He puts the crown back on his head, his heart warm, and continues walking through the caverns.

Years have passed yet again, as most of his actions are uneventful at best. Many people came and went, and with the few nice ones came many of the bad. He had learned that these people never were nice in their lives, and to the ones that couldn't show simple respect he killed swiftly. With every few deaths came a new whisper to the grouping, and now he had gained twenty whispers.

My, there sure are a good few of you.

Yep! There's a lot of us now!

I like having company! They're really fun!

It's cool down here!

You're cool too!

He chuckled at their remarks. Maybe these whispers weren't so bad. They seemed to have a lot of fun with him, and even though he didn't do too much he felt nice to know that he was doing good. Maybe not good to gain the whispers, but good to have them. They were… nostalgic. As he pondered on his past, one of the whispers had caught his attention.

Hey, do you have a name?

He perked up. No one had really asked for his name before, and to be fair, he didn't know if he remembered it.

I do have a name, though I'm afraid it has been lost to the vault of time. Even if I did remember it, my name is of no importance. It is old and only reminds me of past times.

People have been giving you a name!

Oh? And what would this name be?

They call you The Dark Sovereign! We think it's really cool!

Yeah, it sounds awesome! Like you're a hero or something!

Sounds more like a ruler to me!

The Dark Sovereign, eh? My, now that is… a very good name.

I like it.

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