What If Contest 2022


First Place: troubleshooting by Entro_PEntro_P
Second Place: The Blackout by zaskouzaskou
Third Place: Integration Point Symphony by SnomWritingSnomWriting

What If Contest 2022

Early into the Wiki's history, when it had a much stricter canon, there was something called the
"otherworld" tag. Under this tag, authors had the ability to experiment with anything they wanted without having to worry about its effects on established lore, and the possibilities were effectively limitless. This tag has been long forgotten as the canon has become much more loose, but many feel that the idea of freeing yourself from established continuity still holds potential for some great stories.

The Contest

The idea of this contest is to create a self-contained article that answers the question of "what if this happened?". This article would almost be like a self-contained canon, and we encourage you to play with large-scale ideas that may completely break many other articles on the Wiki.


  • Stick to the theme of the contest. The theme of this contest is pretty loose, but don't submit articles that completely ignore the theme.
  • You may only submit a single article for this contest.
  • The score of each article will be based purely on their rating at the end of the voting period.
  • Editing your articles after they are posted is allowed, if needed.
  • Contest entries will not require greenlights to be posted. This is mostly due to the fact that the greenlight team is very overloaded, and in some cases there just might not be enough time. It is still highly encouraged to get critique, though.
  • Any attempts to give yourself an unfair advantage will result in disqualification. What counts as this will be decided by staff on a case-by-case basis. If you aren't sure if something counts as this, please ask staff.
  • All entries must be posted during the "Posting Period". Any articles posted before or after this period will not count as entries in the contest.
  • Collaborative works are allowed; if a collaborative work wins, the collaboratives will pick the feature together. A collaborative article will count as each collaborators one allowed submission.
  • Contest entires should not significantly include content from other communities. “Crossover” content should be kept to a minimum.
  • This is a writing contest, so theme pages and hubs (with the exception of GOIs) cannot be submitted.
  • Please tag your entries with "whatifcon2022". All articles tagged as such will automatically show up on this page.
  • The top 4 winners will each get to pick an article in the April feature cycle. A fifth feature may be added if there is a tie.


  • February 11th-March 10th — The Writing Period: During this time, no articles may be posted, but you should work on writing and perfecting your articles.
  • March 11th-March 24th — The Posting Period: During this time, all articles submitted for the contest will be posted. You may still work on writing during this period.
  • March 25th-March 31st — The Voting Period: During this time, no more articles may be posted. This period exists so that articles that are added later can still rack up points.

All contest dates are based on "Anywhere on Earth", meaning that if the Posting Period is active in any time zone, posting is allowed.

One Final Word of Advice

Remember that this contest is just for fun. Some people felt that the atmosphere of previous contests got a little too competitive; it's okay to be a little competitive, but don't let it get to the point where it lessens your or someone else's enjoyment of the contest.

List of Submissions

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