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Ancient and venerable, the Oneiric Forest VIVAMUSLUDIO has been a major part of the backrooms' folklore for a long time…

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The Well

The level has proven to have a variable depth, as the time to fall once you in jump is between 1 and 8 hours…

Level 150 - "Memory Foundry"

The entire Level is illuminated by a faint blue light that gives the impression of being in a constant state of sunset, in the sky you can also see a red orb which resembles a moon…

Level 199 - "Oneiric Forest"

Ancient and venerable, the Oneiric Forest has been a major part of the backrooms' folklore for a long time…

Level 6.2 - "The Neon Maze"

The voice will prompt the wanderers to continue by offering verbal support, words of affirmation, or compliments which encourage the wanderers to continue following the trail. These should not be beli▓væd s░nc╥-

Level ES-16 - "Evergrowing the Pious"

Hidden beneath a thin layer of undergrowth, a city almost as old as the Backrooms themselves can be found. It is accessible from multiple locations where nature is predominant, such as…

Level 11.3 - "The Red Light District"

Written with: NoctilucianNoctilucian
Level 11.3 is an irredeemably corrupted hellscape of steel and glass. A wicked descendant of the Endless City, it is overtly malevolent, and spills its foul essence across the moonless night sky from crimson lights in the metropolis below…

Level 46.1 - "The Saline Dunes and The Purgatorial Monastery"

In the farthest reaches of The Saline Dunes, towering over the starless sky, rests The Monastery. Home of the Sons of Guilt, and guardian of the Profane Burial Site, it is one of the five primary bastions of the Eyes of Argos.


Radio Backrooms Studio

Radio Backrooms is the official radio channel of the Backrooms. It is directed by Ralph, the only entity of this room…

The Headquarters

The Headquarters are the main base of the Eyes of Argos. They are located in an area of Level 11 where reality folds on itself…

The Bath Room

Any attempt by such a wanderer to reach the room will be futile, as the door will always close just before the room can be reached…

The Profane Burial Site

In the most inner circle of The Monastery, protected by walls, wards, and wardens alike, is The Profane Burial Site, custody of the unclaimed souls. The Profane Burial Site is the confinement where the bones of the most wicked sinners are left to rot, and where the rejected remains of our hunts are to be imprisoned, for these vicious souls will never find eternal rest.


Entity-74 - "Argos"

Entity 74, "Argos", has not been observed so far by any //alive operative of The M.E.G, the only known subjects with direct evidence of his existence as well as the evidence itself disappeared…//

Entity 195 - "Endless/Nameless"

In collaboration with 29 awesome authors!
"This entity is capable of producing agents, beings contaminated by its touch. You can not trust anyone, all those who have been touched constitute a latent danger. They try to disguise, they smile but they are not happy, look at their eyes, look at the void."

Entity 141 - "Ambassadors"

Ambassadors take the form of floating cubes, and present a human-like level of intelligence. They roam the Backrooms, luring unwary wanderers to a location that remains unknown…

Entity 187 - "Servants"

They… they turned their heads towards me, and their movements felt artificial, like something else faking being human. That was scary, but it was when I saw their eyes, that red tempest of sheer wrath, that's when I ran…

Entity 45 - "Chupavidas"

Entity 45, most commonly known as "Chupavidas," are deceptive creatures that manifest as a grouping of ghostly humanoid figures seated around a bonfire. This, however, is nothing more than an illusion created with the purpose of attracting wanderers who travel alone, all with the intention of consuming them…


Instrument 80 - "Retributors"

Written with: Dr BierreDr Bierre
Retributors are spiritual devices used only within the Eyes of Argos as both weapons for defense and tools for dealing justice. The devices differ from traditional projectile-based weapons in the sense that they harm both the spirit of their users and the flesh of their target.



"Every place needs a law to follow, something to hold on, a guide to help distinguish right from wrong. We take it upon ourselves to promulgate that guidance, to keep the inhabitants of this labyrinth in their right mind and to punish those who do not."

Persons of Interest

The Rat Master

I see you sent one of your teams to visit me!

I send you my regards, and return what is left of them…


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On the tragic death of Team Delta Riders

A chat room, a tragic announcement and a mysterious message is all we know… On the tragic death of Team Delta Riders.


Level 46 - "Arabian Desert"

Contrary to what may be thought, the level does not follow a 24-hour pattern. Instead, there is a cycle between the 3 states in which they change in a period of time that seems to be random…

Level 86 - "Rivergate Tower

Level 86 is the 87th Level of the Backrooms. It appears as an office building, but It has a different style from Level 4…

Level 88 - "Corri-Doors"

Level 88 has the appearance of a hotel corridor that seems to stretch to infinity both ways…

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