V. Valentin

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ID: Profile : V. Valentin

[NAME]: V. Valentin

Alias(es): The Master Administrator
Last Known Location(s): Unknown
Known Affiliations: The Eternal Repository

|"From the shadows can bring to the light."|

| Information |

Mr. Valentin is a mysterious figure who leads the Eternal Repository, an information collective with a large member count. He is a 6' 6" male of Russian descent, age 35, and is almost never seen by most people. His whereabouts are unknown, his standing is neutral, and by all means, Valentin is completely anonymous.

Valentin was brought to the M.E.G.'s attention after a new database was merged with the M.E.G.'s servers, with the directory name being "The Eternal Repository," the name of his organization. Attempts at removing the entries have failed, and with future communications the two groups have reached an agreement to share information.

| Behavior |

The behaviors of Mr. Valentin are hard to determine. With his constant anonymity and secrecy, we can only input what has been rumored.


I'll be taking charge here, if you don't mind.

I am a simple man who wishes to give everyone a chance to be equals. There is too much corruption on Earth. Too much discrimination, too many fallacies, and too many people who wish to twist the truth for their own gain. Ones who rip the facts out of the objective positive and turn it into something that profits them.

My code stretches far and wide, to every corner of the Backrooms that I can reach. Even I, the Master Administrator of the Eternal Repository, am equal among my members. Someone could overtake me right now, but with how our system works the collective likes me. I am in their favor. If someone wants to be an equal, then join us.

No rumored governmental corruption, no crazed masks, and no vigilantie justice. We provide safety, loyalty, honor, and legitimacy. As black market as we seem, we are very cooperative people.

Unfortunately, you will not receive information on what I look like or my routine. That's a little out of the question, now isn't it?

Let's get digging, friend.

| Additional Information |

Although there is not much information regarding Mr. Valentin's actions, the M.E.G. and Mr. Valentin have agreed to release an audio log of an agreement they recently made good terms on. The log is transcribed below.


| "Forever Loyal. Forever Eternal" |

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