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One of the most stable areas on this level.

This enigmatic level was discovered during a secretive Followers incursion to Level 57, sometime in June of 2020.


The layout of this level is somewhat circular, revolving deeper and deeper until you reach the center, constantly becoming more unstable as you move in deeper. What kind of building the design emulates is unclear. Wanderers that enter this level will quickly feel nauseated and dizzy, but after an hour or so, they will begin to feel immensely depressed.

The texture of all humans, objects, and entities are similar to that of an oil painting. Making skin contact with anything in this Level will begin to turn you into a Hollow One. The outer areas of this level are more "stable", meaning the look less oily. Stability decreases as you go deeper.

At the deepest point is a set of ███████ doors, and behind these doors are an altar. On this altar is one of the only confirmed bottles of '████████', an ████████ ████ ███████ █████ █████ █ █████ ████. ███ ████ ███ ███. ████ ███ ████ ██████. █████ ███████.


Hollow Ones:

A group of about 20-30 humanoids made of oil paint roam this level. This is what happens to people who make skin contact with the level. In the early areas, they are stable and docile, and will typically leave you alone. In the areas closest to the ███████████ altar, they are extremely aggressive, and will attempt to tackle you, coating you in paint and turning you into one of them in moments. Some of them bear the M.E.G. insignia. All of them were humans trying to obtain the ███████████████.

Entrances And Exits:


There is a trash can in Level 57 that contain scraps of artwork and sketches created by The Artist. At some point, the Artist took scraps of old art and glued them together on a single canvas. creating a unique piece of art. No-clipping into this art takes you to this level.


Unlike most levels, you can exit by simply coming back the way you came. Do not no-clip unless you are going directly out of the level, as clipping into the walls will instantly melt you into a puddle of oil paint. Becoming a Hollow One will guarantee you will never be able to leave the level.

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