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I am Univ - Wise ExplorerUniv - Wise Explorer, or just Univ on Discord, and this is my silly little author page.

About me


I am 17 years old and currently in high school! I'm half Swedish and half Danish however I haven't been keeping up much with my Danish side so I consider myself fully Swedish. I don't live in Scandinavia though, I live in Luxembourg! Never heard of it? I know I know, it is quite small and boring but I still like it here. As for my role in this esteemed and beautiful site, I am an author and a Moderator (As of March 8th, 2024). I joined the site back in April 2022, and the Staff team in October 2023! I like to think I have quite the history with this site, although I am quite new when it comes to writing. You should read some of my works and let me know what you think of them!

Favourite Things:

  • Writing (DUH)
  • Shuffling (The Dance)
  • Chess
  • Classic articles
  • Dreamcore and Weirdcore
  • Video games (Roblox, Ghost of Tsushima, Geometry Dash)
  • Weight lifting (r a t i fr a t i f is the pro, not me)
  • Long-distance running
  • Eco Brutalism
  • Badminton
  • Skincare (I need tips please)

My voice (Totally real)

My articles

Level 387 - The Fog Precinct +31

Featured December 2023!

This level is characterized as a mysterious zone surrounded by strange walls of fog that no wanderer has ever been seen again after walking into. In the zone, there is an anomalous forest, road, and apartment building on the level that houses a tightly-knit community with a complex government. As you read, however, you notice something is very, very wrong.


This was my first published article, so of course it holds a sweet spot in my heart. I really love the concept although looking back I think I could have written it a little better. Nonetheless, it was well received and I'm proud of it!

Scene-01.2 - The Refuge +35

Featured February 2024!

This is a Simulation Canon article and sublevel of Level 11, serving as an apartment complex in the outskirts of the Level. Being an apartment complex devoid of facelings and teeming with resources, it was quickly colonized. It served as a refuge for The Leaders in the The War For Scene-01.1 against Emstable but was abandoned and barricaded when Emstable reached it. Years later, it was found by The M.E.G. and opened, serving as an exploration hub and station where they research the mysterious rainbow building.


This is my best-performing article and the one I'm honestly most proud of! I think I really had some great ideas with this, a good build-up of tension and a good setting. It was actually a Christmas gift for Greggita MahayfaioGreggita Mahayfaio, so I'm glad it did well and I hope she liked it. Simulation Canon is also an amazing canon, it was a pleasure to write this.

Level 665 - The Disconnected Road +27


This level is an infinite wintry urban environment with Scandinavian architecture and an infinite road. There exists a strange phenomenon that stops anyone from stepping off this road, as straying off the road causes a deadly entity to appear from seemingly nowhere that collects the eyes of its victims. There is also a disconnection effect where people can be seen on other nearby roads that are inaccessible for obvious reasons. A possession disease seems to be present on the level, in which survivors become inhuman, as seen with incident Incident L-172-665B.


This was my second article on the site and I love it so much. It was a little long and caused some to find the beginning a bit boring, but I'm really happy with it. The concept of it is still fascinating to me and I still think about it sometimes. I love creepy, brutal humanoid entities, mysterious theories, and incidents which I definitely projected with this level.

Level 388 - The Harvest Project +32


In an industrialized and commercialized world, The B.N.T.G. buys the access points of a dark and gloomy level, Level 388. There exists an intelligent species and civilization of entities on the Level, whose blood has healing properties. The B.N.T.G. starts to farm and exploit the species for their blood for extreme profits, hiding it from the public. As the money rolls in, they build a biotechnology skyscraper but face scrutiny from other organizations that find out and a threat from the entity species chancellor.


This is an article for the Canonicon2024 contest and an entry for Industrilization Canon! I like the concept and the writing is good too, but I should probably have incorporated more elements relating to Indus Canon like the Karma currency for example, or mention of the Backrooms Robotics. I am also not a fan of the dark liminal theme, but it works lol.

B.B.A.R. - Backrooms Bureau of Administration and Research +11


Wanderers who were federals, bureaucrats, politicians, and professors in their time in the Frontrooms have joined together under the rulership of Diplomat Alexander Robinson to form a governmental organization. This government has the goal of achieving universal unity, peace, and stability by establishing laws and a government. Aside from just administration, the bureau also researches, investigates, and explores the Backrooms. The organization has a notable headquarters in Level 11, a mysterious and secret Institution of Research and Technology, and organized branches with different objectives, even a military.


This is the first non-level page I have written and it was fun! I love this organization and concept to death, although I will admit this was not my best work. In the page, I believe I didn't expand the organization enough and made it a little generic. I will rewrite this soon and add more lore, more spice with a twist, and make sure to make it more special so people see what I see in this GOI! I will also make it more related to the Indus canon.

Level 231 - "The City of Resources" +29


Level 231 is characterized as a mountainous and barren desert, purchased and colonized by the B.N.T.G. Once strange resource-giving crystals were found, it was turned into an expensive and important city-construction project of the B.N.T.G. However, one fatal mistake ruins it all. Shortly after this mistake, they find a mysterious building 14 miles south of the city, and they find themselves faced with the immeasurable power of the mysterious Backrooms Robotics corporation.


This has to be one of if not my favorite level I have ever written. I spent a lot of time on it and I am really happy with the concept! It had a great impact on me, and I think it is very underrated. I wish I had published it another time when it didn't fall out of the spotlight because of some other masterpieces that were posted the same day. You should check it out and upvote it if you like it!





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