Homeland Defense Force
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Who We Are: May Our Sight Never Dim

To help protect, prolong, and develop our colonies and settlements; our homes. We shall keep all under our watch safe, and never let any corruption, terror, or dread ever cross the minds of those we protect under our watchful eye.

The Homeland Defense Force’s mission is vital to the very heart of The Unbound because we are the ones who can defend, counter-attack, and fight for what all cherish: our homes, resources, and most importantly, the lives of friends and family.

Leaders: May their hands guide us

[Name]: C. McNamara - Grand Marshal of the Homeland Defense Force

Mr. McNamara is the third and current Marshal of the Homeland Defense Force. A pragmatic thinker and an excellent strategist, Mr. McNamara has led an excellent and loyal force, and we all wish him the best of luck upon his tenure serving the people.

Coming from a rather normal childhood, McNamara fell into the Backrooms at the young age of 14. His quick thinking and penchant for others allowed him to survive the worst outcomes.

[Current Vice/Successor]: None

[Name]: E. Triggs - Secretary of Order

Ms. Triggs is a skilled multi-manager and multi-tasker, and has served as Secretary of Order since the creation of the H.D.F.

Living within a place of turmoil in the Frontrooms allowed Triggs to become a diligent and strong leader. These qualities have followed her into the Backrooms and she continues to lead her posts with a strong head and clear mind.

[Current Vice/Successor]: Ms. G. Medina

[Name]: A. Kozioł - Chief of Organization

Mr. Kozioł is a stern but fatherly figure for many within our ranks; a shoulder to cry on, a spare ear for one’s woe. Despite his impairments Mr. Kozioł is one of our hardest workers and he thoroughly and wholeheartedly believes in our mission to protect humanity.

Born into turmoil, Kozioł learned to find the good in a cruel world. These qualities allowed him to choose his allies wisely and protect his values accordingly.

[Current Vice/Successor]: Ms. S. Palomer

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