Trailmix's Mix Of Chaos (With Chocolate!)
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Well, hello there darling!

I'm Trailmix, but you may call me Evie. I'm 16 and I go by she/they. After finding the website around mid-December, I took a liking for the Backrooms but didn't officially join the wiki until late December of last year, 2020. I'm glad I did, and I'm happy to see it grow!

More stuff about me, I guess: I love art, particularly drawing and writing (who could've figured /j). I also really like to play video games, my favorites being Apex Legends, Undertale, Minecraft, and DDLC. My favorite shows/animes are Kakegurui, Legacies, Lucifer, and Assassination Classroom.

I don't have Discord, but if y'all ever need me, just pm me here!

Here's my Sandbox!

Stuff I Managed to Get Greenlit:









Upcoming Works:

Translated Works:

Favorite Authors:

Welp, that's it! Thanks for taking a look. Hope to work with you sometime!

What? You still wanted chocolate?
I don't have any. Go to Level 6.1 or something.

You're still here?

Fine, fine, here, take a Twin Finger. I don't know if it's Chlorine Gas flavor, I didn't look. Happy? Good. Buh-bye!

Huh…? The Twin Finger disappeared in your hand? Yikes. Uh… let me look….

There's something here, just give me a sec….

Huff… huff… here… uh… take this jar of those greasy marshmallow things...

What? Yes, yes they're melted. Where'd I get the jar? I dunno. Found it somewhere. Yes it's clean. Yes, nothing should happen. Sheesh. Now off you go.

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