Traders Vault
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Class 1

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One of the many pictures of Traders Vault.

Traders Vault, originally known as the 'Storage Room', is a hallway found within Level 1.


Traders Vault is a long hallway of storage rooms with garage doors on each room. Each room was filled with random objects and items, before the B.N.T.G. took it over for storing supplies. This Room is now known as 'Traders Vault' created by the B.N.T.G. for storing supplies to give to the Wanderers of The Backrooms in need. Every door is labeled with the proper designation, Food, Weapons, etc. The strange properties is that random objects keep disappearing, and reappearing in random storage rooms, old and new. Even completely new Items appear out of nowhere. The only item that never moved, nor was ever used, was an 'Ferrari 250 GT Series' from 1952, in a light blue color. It is unknown why this car never disappears like the other objects in the containers, nor why it's the only car found in this room. The car is stored in the 'Misc' Storage room, until further studies can be taken. Entities from Level 1 do in-fact spawn here, but the rate is much lower then Level 1's normal Entity spawn rate. The Cartographers Republic has sent numerous attacks on Traders Vault in a act to steal the supplies, but that has never been successful.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

B.N.T.G. 'Traders Vault' Crew:

  • The crew consists of 40 people, including the leader 'The Keeper'.
  • The Vault is heavily protected by security.
  • The Crew usually finds and stores the objects they come across for further use.
  • 'Traders Keep' Members are allowed to use these items for their own uses.

Entrances And Exits:


To Enter, In 'Traders Keep' you must go through their city until you will find two guards next to a door with a window, have the guards allow your access to enter Traders Vault.


To Exit, just enter the doors on either sides of the hallway.

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