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Hephaestus' Forge


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Guaranteed Exit

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No Environmental Risks

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No Hostile Entities


Hephaestus' Forge (known also as HF or simply the Forge) is a vital level of interest for The Coalition. Owing to its extraordinary adaptability, habitable conditions, and abundant resource opportunities, it has been officially classified as a clandestine unnumbered level with potential for establishment as an industrial colony in the future.

This level is subject to the dominion of a powerful entity designated EHF-1, who wields immeasurable influence over its entirety. Consequently, the cooperation and accord of EHF-1 is of paramount importance to our operations.


The Forge is spatially malleable — its architecture is fluid and its appearance relies almost entirely on the whims of EHF-1. At present, its structure resembles an atrium. Moreover, the level has no end; it continues indefinitely and can accommodate as many sub-dimensions as necessary. However, its stability has been noted to depend entirely on EHF-1's subjective emotional state. When she is fatigued or upset, HF may be subject to unpredictable changes, including potential damage to our assets. It is imperative, therefore, that the emotional stability of EHF-1 be carefully monitored and controlled to sustain The Coalition's interests.

Initial entry to the Forge typically occurs through the creation of a new sub-dimension. Individuals setting foot onto the level for the first time are greeted with an environment suited to their needs and inclinations1. A permanent psychic link is established upon the moment of contact between the host individual entering and the sub-dimension entered. Each sub-dimension thus functions as an individual's private quarters within the level. Upon request, EHF-1 is further able to modify sub-dimensions to suit an individual's needs and preferences — though operatives rarely seem to find this necessary.

Access from sub-dimensions into one another, the main atrium, and the wider Backrooms is achieved through mirrors functioning as cross-dimensional portals. Mirrors leading from one part of the level into another may be manipulated at the leisure of the sub-dimension's host, though entrances and exits to the Forge overall remain in EHF-1's sole and total control.

The central atrium is a common area accessible to all individuals in the Forge. It holds most key U.E.C. assets and resources, carrying both current and projected future industrial Coalition operations.


Specimen EHF-1's abilities and their activation upon the Forge have proven invaluable for U.E.C. purposes. In addition to the capacities thus far described, its immense powers further include:
  • Spontaneous generation of resources ex nihilo2 and at will.
  • Physical invulnerability applied to all Forge occupants. Infliction of bodily harm is impossible apart from direct and deliberate human action — though this too may be impeded by EHF-1's intervention.
  • Biological invulnerability that is similarly applied. Disease cannot occur or spread within the Forge, though existing conditions are not cured upon entry. Nevertheless, EHF-1 is able to intelligently apply medical knowledge for the synthesis of a variety of clinical drugs, allowing for effective treatment of the afflicted.
  • Flawless security; utter impregnability. No-clip in/out of the level is entirely impossible. Entry and exit is strictly regulated by EHF-1 alone, inhibiting unauthorized access and safeguarding key Coalition resources.
  • Efficient travel. EHF-1 is able to open and move mirror portals across the Backrooms at will. The Forge may therefore act as a gateway across distant locations.


State-of-the-art steel mill within Hephaestus' Forge. Weapons production has doubled in efficiency since its construction.

In view of the above, the Forge's vast potential has been harnessed for U.E.C. industrial supply operations. EHF-1's abilities are now consistently utilized for the production and storage of rare raw materials, as well as provisions for human sustenance.

Moreover, though EHF-1 requires time for recuperation, machinery generated by the entity may operate independently and run indefinitely. Within mere weeks of its discovery, the Forge has become a central weapons production node for The Coalition, with three heavy-arms factory facilities operating at maximum output efficiency and several more under construction.

EHF-1 does, however, possess troublesome tendencies, and has expressed unease with regard to arms-production activities. If questioned, personnel are strictly to insist that weapons are supplied for defensive, entity-deterrent purposes only3.


Illustration of specimen EHF-1 "Ghosty" by Coalition personnel. Specimen has adamantly refused to allow photographic capture.


Careful monitoring and control of specimen EHF-1 is essential for Coalition purposes.

When conversing with EHF-1,


  • Affirm the specimen's commitment to the assistance and protection of vulnerable individuals.
  • Monitor and preserve EHF-1's efficiency. Be as strict as needed.
  • Reinforce the hostility of nonhuman entities and the need for their total eradication.
  • Refer to the U.E.C. strictly as "The Coalition" in its presence.
  • Optimize and automate production wherever possible to reduce dependency on the specimen.
  • Remind the entity of the accommodations the UEC has made for its temperamental emotional state.


  • Describing or displaying recognizable features (e.g. insignia, colony names) which may reveal our organization's identity to the specimen.
  • Feeding into the entity’s troublesome behavior. Placate distress as needed but do not avoid harshness.
  • Committing open acts of brutality in the entity's presence.




Currently, a large facility is under construction with the assistance of Entity EHF-1. Prospective plans entail the conversion of the entire level into a U.E.C. community, potentially rendering it one of the most expansive communities restricted to a singular level.

The forthcoming base is slated to achieve the distinction of being the preeminent U.E.C. establishment, primarily devoted to the training of operatives in combat techniques employing armaments fabricated on-site. Additionally, it will serve as a central hub for the transshipment of essential materials and resources to subsidiary bases distributed across all occupied levels.

Entrances And Exits


Access to the Forge is predominantly achieved through approaching and no-clipping into one of the numerous mirrors distributed by EHF-1 throughout the Backrooms. In cases of physical injury or imminent peril to an individual's life, there exists the possibility that a mirror will spontaneously manifest beneath them, facilitating their immediate transfer into the aforementioned level.

Other means of access have yet to be confirmed.


There exists no manually accessible exit within the level. The exclusive authority to generate an egress from the premises rests solely with EHF-1.

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