Today in the Backrooms Episode 1
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What you're about to see is a text archive of the old radio series, Today In The Backrooms. I remember listening to this a while back and managed to find some old copies of it. I thought some people might find it interesting.

Hello everybody, this is Robert.

And this is Kyle.

This is the first episode of our show, "Today in the Backrooms."

Today in the Backrooms, we're going to be talking about The Cryptids of the Backrooms.

Very overlooked topic.

Yeah, yeah, anyway let's get started.

Even the Backrooms, with all of its mystery and danger, has it's own unconfirmed stories and sightings. If you want to learn about the mysterious creatures that exist in the Backrooms, continue listening to this episode. If you want to sleep tonight, I'd recommend you turn the radio off now.

Our first cryptid takes us to Level 0, where wanderers have reported seeing a man watching them out of the corner of their eye. No wanderers have been able to get a clear view of the man, so descriptions are often incomplete and may vary. Although, all sightings have been described to have one connecting feature. Every wanderer who has encountered the man has reported he has an extremely wide, uncanny smile. Because of this, he has been dubbed "Cheshire" in reference to the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. Some wanderers believe that Cheshire is a Smiler who somehow managed to wander into Level 0 due to his unnaturally large smile, while other wanderers believe that Cheshire is an omen of death in the Frontrooms. specifically, they believe it will appear while your funeral is occurring. Many wanderers who believe this have reported that the man was possibly holding a black umbrella at the time of his appearance.

We're about to read some old documentation of a wanderer encountering Cheshire.

If some of you are as interested in cryptids as we are, you may have heard this already, but we're gonna read it anyways.

"Entry 72: This happened just a few hours ago. I was walking through Level 0, trying to get back to Level 1, when I noticed something. In the dark corner of the room I was walking through, I saw a man. At first, I was simply startled, but the longer I looked the more terrified I became. He had this huge grin, just plastered on his face. It wasn't like he was just smiling, his grin stretched all the way up to his eyes. It was uncanny and completely horrifying. That was practically the only detail I could notice, aside from his cold, dead eyes. Everything about the encounter felt alien, like I was watching something trying to pretend to be human. At first, I was too scared to even move, but eventually, I worked up the courage to turn around. Almost immediately as I turned around, it disappeared. I was left standing there, shaking, and alone. I don't know if I'll ever go back to Level 0 after this encounter."

Creepy, huh?

Our next cryptid takes us to multiple levels across the Backrooms. Wanderers have repeatedly reported seeing a strange bulk resembling a dead body under the carpets of many levels, and those who have checked under the carpets of many levels, and those who have checked under the carpets have seen nothing. Some people have reported that the body will begin to bleed, immediately staining the carpet. Many wanderers believe the dead body to be the ghost of someone who died under a carpet, possibly while hiding from an entity. Other Wanderers believe that it's a sign to stop following the path of the carpet.

This just sounds ridiculous!

Oh, don't be so negative!

This cryptid takes us to the infinite wheat fields of Level 10. Wanderers who walk far enough into Level 10 have reported seeing unidentified objects flying through the sky. Wanderers have also reported crop circles appearing inside of Level 10, usually in areas where reports of the objects are high. Many wanderers believe that these entities do not exist, and instead are examples of people misinterpreting normal events due to UFO legends in the Frontrooms. Some wanderers have claimed that the entities are taking other wanderers, and some claim that they have been taken themselves.

I guess certain ideas really do transcend dimensions.

Our next cryptid takes us to the various schools found across the levels of the Backrooms. In these levels, seeing a dark figure watching you from inside a locker is seemingly common. The creature is most often described as a dark ghostly figure with large, glowing white eyes. If any wanderers get close to the locker, they will begin to feel an overwhelming urge to open it, yet All wanderers who reported this phenomenon did not open the locker. What happens if you open the locker is a complete mystery, but I wouldn't recommend trying to find out.

I would!

That's horrible advice!

This cryptid takes us to Level 7, where many people have reported being "grabbed" by the water in the Level. Random patches of water will apparently shoot up and wrap around wanderers, pulling them under the water. Wanderers reportedly survived by kicking the water around them, causing the water to "drop" them and allowing them to swim up to the surface. Many people doubt the validity of these stories, as it seems unlikely people would be able to survive such a dangerous encounter. Others argue that at one point, The Thing on Level 7 used to be considered a cryptid before photo evidence of it was discovered.

Honestly, I've always wondered how they managed to get photos of that thing.

Our next cryptid takes us to the cityscapes of Level 11. Wanderers have reported seeing a strange, masked figure holding a knife at various points around the level. These sightings are often accompanied by reports of dissected, bloody bodies. Strangely, there have been no reports of people going missing in Level 11, which begs the question of who or what are the bodies wanderers have reported. People who have encountered the entity have reported a consistent feeling of uneasiness after the event, along with experiencing strange dreams for a few days after their encounter.

So, we actually managed to get someone who had a firsthand encounter with this cryptid to agree to do an interview

Everyone, please welcome Jamison Lee onto tonight's show

Thanks for having me on Robert

So, can you describe your experience with this masked figure?

Well, it all happened about a year ago. It was a pretty normal day for me, I was just entering Level 11, returning to my house, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

There was a horrifying scene laid out in front of me when I turned around

I saw a man, holding a rusty, bloody knife, standing over a dissected body.

Honestly, I froze. I didn't know what to do.

That…Thing just kept staring at me.

Eventually, I worked up the courage to run.

I wouldn't even turn off a light in my house for a week after the event.

I didn't sleep for days

I was sure that thing was coming for me. That it was going to kill me. Every time I turned around I knew it was behind me.

It was one of the worst things I've ever experienced. It was a constant, overwhelming feeling of uneasiness that wouldn't go away.

Eventually It stopped and I was able to sleep again.

Is that when the dreams started?

Yeah…Yeah it was.

Every night, after I fell asleep, I had these nonsensical, horrifying dreams.

They all followed a similar pattern.

Some might say recurring motifs.

Ideas of suffocation, drowning, or generally being incapacitated were common.

It eventually went away, but the feelings still echo in my mind.

I…I don't think I want to talk about this anymore.

Alright. Well thanks for coming on the show, Jamison.

You're….you're welcome.

Alright everyone, that's it for today's episode. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you come back for the next one.

In tandem Goodbye!

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