To My Dearest Guest

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Hello again, dear reader. It is a pleasure to write to you once more. Normally, my notes and letters would contain mostly information, a little piece of my work, but this time… I’ll be writing you something a little different. A bit of advice, and more importantly… some comfort.

I want to ask you a favour, dear reader.

Please, do take care of yourself. Trying to is more than good enough. Make sure you eat properly. Stay hydrated. Get yourself some rest. Let this serve as a reminder, dear. I know times haven’t been the easiest for you. It’s been stressful, painful, in one word, tough. You’ve endured so many adversities… but you still managed to overcome it all. You’re still growing and improving as a person. Not that you were ever a bad person to begin with.

It is rather strange how one as well-versed in so many languages such as myself fails to find the words to describe just how much I am proud of you. You may think you’re not worthy of this pride, that you haven’t earned it, but I still am proud of you. For being alive. For reading this. For making it this far.

If I may add, I truly am glad I lived long enough to meet you, to write down your stories, and to write you this letter. I sincerely hope that one day the conditions align ever so nicely and allow me to visit you while you dream. And once I do find myself in the realm of your mind… I’ll be sure to give you a nice big hug if you'd like. Otherwise… I’ll keep you company. We could have another cup of tea, or have a lovely little chat if you so wish, I'd love to read some of my stories to you, or to listen to some of yours. Regardless of what happens when we next meet… I’m sure it’ll be quite enjoyable. I look forward to it, dear.

These troublesome times will pass. You will be alright. It may take some time, but I promise you things will get better.

With love,

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