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Notes before we start:

  • Like its predecessor, this is only marked as a joke tale because it's written like a fanfiction. If you're looking for an actual extended joke, you probably aren't going to find it here
  • Reading this tale requires a wikidot account
  • Robert Goerman you still shouldn't read this please and thank you
  • The first article was based around the Ao3 (archiveofourown.org) practice of a reader-insert being put into a romantic relationship with a fictional character. In order to extend this theme, this sequel will be a play on the Ao3 "5+1" trope, in which five short similar scenarios are recounted with an extra one that contrasts with the others. (the difference here is that there are three instead of five because I'm lazy)
  • The Actor has a name now! I thought it would be kind of weird for the reader to just keep calling him by his title now that they're in a more substantial relationship, so now his name is Erin.
  • Actually, let's talk a little more about that. Ghostchibi is awesome for wanting to give people as much creative agency as possible when writing the actor, but that made this a lot harder for me because I don't have any creativity. I wanted to name him something that fit with his Uchinanchu background, but there are precisely zero resources online about what names are like in Okinawa.
  • Ghostchibi gave me a bunch of suggestions, but none of the typical Hawaiian names work either. Like, be honest. Does he seem like a Glenn to you? In what reality would the actor refer to himself as Wayne? IDK it just doesn't fit.
  • I ended up choosing Erin because it's an English name that can still be read as having Japanese influence, or at least that's what "talkradionews.com" claims. All I can really do at this point is hope that that's an adequate decision??? However, if it's not, the good news is that the actor still doesn't have one canon name so you can call him whatever the hell you want.

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