the pawn // those ghost see their bones
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The pawn is nothing ‘till it becomes a crux with all the details
As the bishop and the queen black out and see rails
Running amuck and in circles around its body
And he’ll watch silently until he becomes the focality
They’ll reflect on their matter of their birthright
What makes them different is not the power the uphold
For all can do anything with the moves they have foretold
In themselves their advantages are unique and either can make the other meek.

nobody will come looking so

i’ll stay in my room

in the corner, the woods

have so much more to say

for it cannot whisper

unless you’re trapped away

and then i won’t crave more

for the graveyard won’t be a tomb

but a mourner will still be in the neighborhood

the hole in the donut lets her stay

and she’ll make death revolve around her

for in the land where those ghost see their bones

the power within you makes you stronger to.

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