Things That Go Bump In The Light

The seas of seven are a dangerous place.

Not just for the sun in the sky, but for the beast that lives in this space.

The start point is a place of harvest, for materials to block the light.

But when the fins of the beast breach the surface, scavenging is a fight.

It feasts, jaws gnashing and teeth bloodied, at any living thing it sees.

On all those foolish enough to journey out to the sea.

It circles, it surveys, it watches us at work.

It stalks, it waits, until it grows bored.

When it charges, it launches into the air.

Arms outstretched, reaching for something it cannot see.

It is always too late to flee.

When it falls, when it takes you, it was as if you were never there.

Never venture into the sea. Never venture into the jaws of the beast.

Just as the sun spares no one, it too will not spare you. It craves its feast.

- 'Unnamed Poem' by Melody Reyes

Case 9: A True Leviathan
Entity 720
Classification: 5B
Sentience: Moderate Disposition: Highly Aggressive Sightings: Level 7

Once referred to as Tiny, the sole entity that resides in Level 7 has grown to a gargantuan size due to the effects of Synthesial Reversal. While levels of aggression have not changed, its methods of attack are less calculated and methodical than before - seemingly an affect of the light's corruption. It lashes out at any chance it sees, diving and feasting upon any wanderer who decides to step out of the level's first room.

Much like how it worked prior to the affliction, it still refuses to destroy the entry room, despite its transformation into a far more destructive form. None have successfully communicated in this time to figure out what stops it, but we shall call it a miracle for now.

Interviewer: Tamsin Carmilla
Interviewees: Melody Reyes
Transcriber: James Kingston

Carmilla: Apologies for the sudden interview request. But there was something plaguing my mind that I had to ask you about.
Reyes: Yeah, that's fine. I'm assuming this is about what I submitted for the case on Tiny?
Carmilla: Correct. (long pause) Why did you make it a poem?
Reyes: Honestly? Couldn't think of any other way to convey the things I saw. Even if it's not the best thing in the world, I usually find it best to talk about things through something creative.
Carmilla: I can tell, the original page was rather hard to transcribe with all the scribbling and crossing out you did.
Reyes: Yeah, I- well, it took me several attempts to get the poetics right. Poems have never been my strong suit but I still try them.
Carmilla: Also the sun in Level 7 isn't a sun, I'm sure you're aware.
Reyes: I mean yeah but that wouldn't make for a nice poem to specify that, y'know? Would take the reader right out of it!
Carmilla: A fair enough point. However, a lot of my curiosity lays upon the note you left on the page. You attempted to talk to Tiny?
Reyes: Yeah. I remember he could communicate telepathically, and I figured that maybe with his size, he might still register me (pause) I don't know, thinking about him?
Carmilla: Your note said nothing came of it, so I assume you got nothing back?
Reyes: Not exactly. I wrote that I got no response to mean I never got a coherent response.
Carmilla: What the (expletive) does that mean?
Reyes: Well I tried to talk to him, to try and see if he would tell me what happened and (long pause) all I got back was anguished screaming.
Carmilla: (long pause) Are- Are you alright?
Reyes: So far? I mean the screaming startled me and gave me a big headache from how loud and violent it was, but I'm not experiencing withdrawals or any light effects! I suppose its a good sign but…
Carmilla: But?
Reyes: I feel sorry for him.
Carmilla: For Tiny?
Reyes: Yeah. I mean, he did try to kill most everyone who travelled down there in the first place, but the screams I heard. It was the screams of something that had never known pain of that kind before. It was awful.
Carmilla: I see.
Reyes: Hey, by the way, I think you put the wrong stuff down in the transcription of my poem.
Carmilla: We did?
Reyes: Yeah. Some of those lines were the discarded ones, and also (pause) despite what he's become, you should still respect him, you know?
Carmilla: I don't quite understand what you mean?
Reyes: Can I have access to the transcript? I would like to write it how it was meant to be read.
Carmilla: I would have to get it cleared by the higher-ups, but since its your writing, I am assuming they will say yes. I shall let you know when you get approval.
Reyes: Awesome, I guess we end this here then?
Carmilla: You sated my curiosity so yes. Thank you for your time, feel free to leave whenever you're ready.


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