Things That Go Bump In The Light

This field was my only comfort. My one place to clear my mind of doubt and fear.

So long as it watched over me, I knew I would be safe.

Where did you go? Why did you leave? What happened to you? Will you ever tell me?

Will I see you again when this all ends?

Did you fall ill to it too? Is that why you no longer watch over me?

Please come back.

I miss you.

I come and go from this field now, only to see if you're here.

It's not the same without you watching over me.

It's… lonely. It's really, really lonely.

Maybe, just maybe, I could change that.

Surely, I could bring others here, many of them!

Then when you come back, you'll have a bunch of new people to meet!

I bet they would love to meet you too!

Case 8: Starless Field
Level 250
Status: Safe Density: Minimal Accessibility: Difficult

Level 250, in its current state, now acts as a temporary rest stop for all wanderers making their journeys through the Backrooms during the Blackout event. Blanketed by a blank night sky, this field can allow you a chance to shelter away from overexposure to the light. Reaching here is not so easy however, as it seems only one wanderer has the power to open the way to and from the field.

Please, do be mindful when interacting with this wanderer, as they do not appreciate being stressed out over the current situation. They're allowing access to this level out of the kindness of their heart, and you would do well to be respectful and kind to them.

The numbers are few currently, but they seem rather happy to be here.

I wonder how long its been since any of them looked at the sky?

Some brought food and a small campfire today, we'll be having a grand feast tonight.

I wish you could join us for it.

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Oh, the gods tried their best to hinder me :]
For Canonicon 2024, my first ever contest!

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