Things That Go Bump In The Light

The source was in all that made up 414 - the land, the people, the sun. All was made from it, and all returned to it in the end.

The end began with the seedlings. Bringing new life from the floral valley was something treasured, celebrated by all. Sometimes, the cycle may fail a seedling, proving a vessel but no soul within. The seedling would be left in the valley and watched over until a soul was ready. They would have faith in the source to grant the vessels what they needed, and often times it was just a case of waiting.

One day, the seedlings came, but not one has a soul with them. The ivlania waited and watched. One day turned to three days turned to a week. Seedling bodies, stillborn in the valley.

Then came the weakness and decay - the wilted phase began to show itself in the ivlania at progressively faster rates. They began to panic. They began to despair.

The Bouquet were overwhelmed and unsure of what to do, and tried to turn to the High Bloom for a solution. Even Agno couldn't provide an answer.

All ze knew was that the source had fallen silent, and had no way to talk to it.

Nature was beginning to lose its colour. So too were the ivlania. Where cities would be vibrant with colours and mirth and joy, now was filled with desaturated grays and sadness and desperation. They were lost, without guidance, and losing hope fast.

Then the eldest blossom turned.

Case 7: Hortus Mortuus

Level 414
Classification: Class 5
Status: Affected Density: High Accessibility: Increased

Hortus Aeternus, also known as Level 414, has completely fallen ill to the effects of Synthesial Reversal. The lands are grey, ashen and dead - nothing thrives there anymore. It seems the source of the level has fallen ill to Synthesial Reversal, causing this widespread corruption of all life within. The decay of 414 was unnoticeable at first, but once the effects grew worse, it was completely unstoppable. Very few wanderers who resided in 414 managed to escape alive - the whole reason this case can be made in the first place.

It is ill-advised to search for this level anymore, however it has been reported that the entrance is appearing, even for those who are not searching for it. Do not enter these. What happens next is entirely in the hands of the wanderer, and we can only pray that you have a merciful death.

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