Things That Go Bump In The Light

I fear it finding me. It already got close once.

Ever since the suns went crazy, the maroon sky makes itself known constantly. I don't think this is just its entry becoming easier to stumble across due to the event, I fully believe that thing is sentient.

If anything even moves a muscle out in the daytime, it will find them.

First, comes the rapid shift from blue skies and sunshine to a hellish red overlay. Then, the being's body seizes up, as if bound by something. Finally… they melt. They don't even combust like one would do with the artificial light, they just immediately begin to melt away, the flesh and bone and marrow collapsing from their form before finally, the body disappears, and the day returns to normal.

Currently, I sit in a broken down tractor, curled up within the cockpit and trying my best to figure out the best barn to run to. I'm hungry. I'm tired. I'll either die here or die further down the line, I know this but… I don't want to die in under maroon sun. Anything but the maroon sun.

I think I can detach one of the doors. Use it as a makeshift shield while I run. I just can't wait anymore, I'm hungry and I need to sleep but I can't until I get somewhere safe.

Please god, let me make it.

Case 6: The Maroon
The Maroon
Classification: 5B
Sentience: Moderate Disposition: Aggressive Sightings: Multiple

Formerly known as Level 270, The Maroon Sun is a sentient and highly dangerous entity that will completely melt anything it catches under its light and then drag it away into its pocket dimension, a seemingly accelerated and more dire variant of the infection that the light spreads. It commonly makes itself known in levels such as Level 10, Level 184, and other levels with open fields.

This decision to change the classification of this comes by way of a note found within Level 4 - singed on the ends and without an owner to match it to. We fear this will make attempts to reach safer levels a more arduous task, and we advise wanderers in the future to only take journeys through field levels when absolutely necessary to avoid this new threat.

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Oh, the gods tried their best to hinder me :]
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