Things That Go Bump In The Light
Classification: Extinct
Sentience: N/A Disposition: N/A Sightings: N/A

The entity commonly referred to as a Smiler, or Entity 3, is extinct. As this entity emits its own artificial light, many reports have come in witnessing this entity combusting into flames before promptly expiring. While there has never been a recorded count of how many existed within the Backrooms, it is heavily theorised that the effects of both the light and Synthesial Reversal have rendered these entities entirely eradicated.

While it is always a shame to classify a recorded entity as extinct, no matter if harmful or harmless, this is a good sign for our survival - another means of people falling victim to the light has been eliminated.

Humanity must persevere. We will overcome the light.

Interviewer: James Kasper
Interviewees: Oliver Emmett
Transcriber: Pam Westford

Kasper: Name.
Emmett: Oh, right to it, huh? Oliver, Oliver Emmet.
Kasper: Good. Now, the creature you saw. Explain it.
Emmett: My group was moving through the dark areas of Level 4, trying to clear out any extra light sources we could spot. There were about five of us, if I remember correctly.
Kasper: A dangerously low amount to be travelling with.
Emmett: I know that now.
Kasper: Continue.
Emmett: We turned a corner and there was just this mass of (long pause) something. We couldn't tell what it was, but light would peek out of the seams and it- it swirled. Kept like shifting and moving and- and pulsating. We didn't know what to think of it.
Kasper: You simply went to light it up per procedure?
Emmett: Yeah. We all readied a match but then it- (long pause)
Kasper: That's when it attacked, isn't it?
Emmett: It was incomprehensibly fast. An appendage lashed out at Christoph, pulling him close and then… the face.
Kasper: The face?
Emmett: It was a Smiler's face, but it was- it was fused, meshed together with several other light faces-
Kasper: That… should not be possible. They're extinct.
Emmett: What we knew to be Smilers is extinct, yes. I think (long pause) I think whatever the hell I saw was an evolved form. The light has made them evolve into that monstrosity.
Kasper: (long pause, followed by quiet expletive)
Emmett: Whatever's lighting those things now, it basically speedran the symptom progression of being affected by the light. Chris combusted within seconds.
Kasper: Jesus.
Emmett: It tried to lunge at the others. Got Seamus and Ethan, almost got myself and Ollie, but, well. (pause) The gash in their stomach proved too much. Ollie died by the time we made it back to a base.
Kasper: (long silence, followed by another list of expletives) Well, this proves to be troublesome. We will have to update the current case report on the smiler.
Emmett: (laugh) As the one survivor, do I have the honours of naming the thing?
Kasper: I guess. We shall discuss this after, but I am concluding the interview here. This is an urgent matter.


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