Things That Go Bump In The Light
Interviewer: Alexander Marcus
Interviewees: Camille Northcot, Elijah Miller
Transcriber: Cassie Edinburgh

Marcus: Just for the sake of case reporting, can I have both of your full names?
Northcot: Camille Northcot.
Miller: Elijah (long pause) Miller? Sorry, been a while since I've been called anything other than Bucket.
Marcus: Right. I also understand if the events that have transpired have also rendered your mind a little shaky.
Northcot: Yeah, you can say that again.
Marcus: Tell me how it began. As far back as you can remember, if possible.
Miller: It was uh, a few days ago now?
Northcot: Bucket, it's been a week since it happened.
Miller: It- it has? I didn't realise. (long pause) It was a normal day at the lake. We were all just having fun and playing around. Camille was teaching some of the younger kids some things. Lotka was also up and watching, silent as usual. (long pause) I remember it suddenly looking to the sky, and then the sky rapidly shifted to night.
Marcus: Ah, right. This is one of those cases where Lotka is the level, correct?
Northcot: Sometimes we forget it can do that, but it usually excites everyone when it happens. Both me and Bucket knew something was wrong the moment it happened but we weren't sure why. At least, not until Lotka started (long pause) changing.
Marcus: How so?
Miller: Tired. Sagging more.
Northcot: I had never seen Lotka physically breathe before.
Miller: The sky too, you could see the moon try to move before Lotka put it right back in the dead centre of the sky. It was putting all of its energy into that.
Marcus: Then it was aware of the effects of the sun?
Northcot: Can only guess, yeah. It- it sacrificed itself to keep us safe.
Miller: (long shaky sigh) I miss it, Camille. I miss it so much.
Northcot: Shhh, shhh, you're doing well Bucket. I can do the talking for now if you want.
Miller: (non-verbal agreement)
Marcus: If you need to step outside the room for a moment, I understand.
Miller: No- no it's fine. I promise.
Marcus: Camille, continue whenever you're ready.
Northcot: Right. (long pause) Things really started to go wrong when the grass began to die. The leaves were falling faster and the lake was slowly drying out, but worst of all, Lotka looked sick. It was struggling to keep itself upright and looked completely exhausted. (long pause) Then it dropped. Its head fell upon the grassy edge of the lake and we all rushed up to it, some even started crying. Lotka had been watching over us for years, and now it was dying right before our eyes. None of us could do anything about it.
Marcus: If Lotka was growing weak, how did you all get out?
Northcot: It- it made a noise. We turned around and the door out was right there.
Marcus: It had enough energy for that?
Northcot: Everything started to collapse then. The ground was shaking and the wood from the trees was beginning to split. Lotka made another noise, urging us to leave. We- we almost all died in there because we didn't want to leave it. (sniffle) That door sent us all here. To you guys.
Marcus: I do have a question that may seem (pause) inappropriate to you, but if Lotka could control the day and night cycle, why didn't it simply remove the sun?
Northcot: (dry laugh) Wow. Simply turn off the fucking sun-
Miller: Ah, Cam-
Northcot: You adults never think outside of your little bubble of communications do you? Lotka didn't know! Maybe by the time it realised something was wrong it was too late to take it away! Maybe the sun it made had already given it an affliction to it that mean it couldn-
Miller: Cammie, please! (sobs) Please just stop!
Northcot: But these guys just don-
Miller: Stop it!
[A long silence filled only by Miller sobbing.]
Marcus: I understand your anger, but you must remember that most of us would not be able to reach your home. The group, for the most part, is composed of adults. That door would never have let us in. Lotka would never have let us in.
Northcot: (sigh) Right. Right, that makes sense. (long pause) What happens now, then?
Marcus: Your group can stay at our base for as long as you need. Supplies are… somewhat limited with the event, but your group will be made a priority as much as we can.
Northcot: Of course, thank you.
Marcus: That's all I need for today. The both of you may go now.


Hey, Marcus. Do you think… any of them are affected by-

Please, Cassie, my stomach is sick with guilt and fear as is. Don't put the thought in my head. I can't bear the thought of that.

Case 4: Lotka's Lament
Level 240
Classification: N/A
Status: Affected Density: N/A Accessibility: None

Level 240, formerly known as Lotka Lake, is currently inaccessible. The door will no longer appear for children and it is currently assumed that the level, and everything within, is either gone in its entirety or destroyed beyond repair. It is unknown as of yet the true fate of Entity 114, however from eyewitness reports, the entity will be marked down as extinct until signs of life are found once more.

Currently, the grandchildren of Lotka are located in an unaffected M.E.G. base within a darkened area of Level 1. They number 48 in total with a range of ages from 5-17. Its leader, Camille Northcot, welcomes any and all help that can be provided to ensure the group stays alive and well.

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