Things That Go Bump In The Light

Date: __________

Is there really any point to putting dates to these anymore? All that really matters is that it's day five since the… circle began. As I write this, my house is completely boarded and blocked out. I don't know the extent of its reach, so I'm pulling out all measures. I thought this level would be safe - we all thought this level would be safe. Met every requisite you could ask for: dark, void of electrical lights and sunlight. We should have realised something was wrong when people's wounds weren't healing. The mayor theorised this was simply a side effect of the Aurora Republic growing in numbers, but the red flags were already blaring in my brain. It had been a while since I last watched the lights… I've lived here for several years at this point, it gets boring after some time. But after that incident, the watching grew more… intense. They stayed out there, sat down in the snow and just… watched for hours. They didn't care for the temperature, and they would grow angry should someone be concerned for hypothermia. Ever since then, the circle's only grown.

Date: __________

They don't move. They don't eat. They don't sleep. All they know anymore is the aurora liminalis. They try to call my name, call the names of anyone who hasn't gone to join the growing circle of onlookers. I… don't even know if they're alive out there anymore but they still call and beg for the town to join them. I plan on leaving soon, try and sneak out when they aren't looking. The last person who tried to I… fuck, it was terrifying, they swarmed him, there was screaming and noises I couldn't even begin to describe. When I finally could bear to look out the window, he was in the centre of the circle, dismembered and laid on his back so all he could do was look up as he bled out. His body is still there now, twitching despite the time that's passed, and I don't want to think about if he's dead or not because all I can envision is the agony… the agony of not dying but still being in so much visceral pain I just… I can't. I think I know my path for when I leave - go through the forest, out to the border and plunge into the fog. With my gear here, I should hopefully keep warm during that desert's night, but… it'll be rough.

Date: __________

My one and only hope is that I don't join the circle. That's all. If I don't make it at some point, I can only hope someone finds this and uses this to warn anyone else: Aurora Liminalis is no longer safe. Do not go there unless you wish to join the freezing cold worship of the lights. Do not listen to their cries, do not come to the Aurora Republic. You cannot save them, and you will die.

Case 2: Liminalis
Level 260
Classification: Class 3
Status: Affected Density: High Accessibility: Unchanged

Aurora Liminalis is now designated as a level affected by a variant of Synthesial Reversal. Despite the continuous state of nightfall, it appears that even the level's titular lightshow is emitting the affliction.

From the information received from a wanderer who fled the community settled within, the aurora no longer heals those within the level, but rather preserves their body instead. It does not matter if your injuries would normally render you dead - one could be a mangled corpse and continue living, albeit in complete agony.

While it is currently unknown just how many of the Aurora Republic have fallen victim to the aurora lights, the wanderer estimated around 80% of the republic has become affected. It is highly advised not to seek out the level, even with the new property the lights hold. We all know the lengths people will go for the prospect of immortality.

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