Things That Go Bump In The Light

"It all has always been a lie. The warmth, the skies, the light. In our dependence on what we lost, we lost sight of that fact to its false blinding rays."

- Evan Terrence, Former Head Researcher for the UEC

Once, we believed the initial onset paranoia to be a side effect of a lack of sunlight exposure. Everyone needs some of it. It's good for the body and good for the mind to have some time outside in the sunshine, and in a place like The Backrooms, it can be shockingly hard to find. When the event of the Blackout first came into effect, it was recommended to move to a place with sunlight— wetlands, forests, fields, parks, anywhere that was outdoors, away from electricity and under natural light.

We thought we would be safe.

We were wrong. Oh, how wrong we were.

The Report Logs

Below is a collection of the many records obtained of the phenomenon we now call the Synthesial Reversal. For the safety of yourself and all those you hold dear, take note of the affected cases within this collection- it could save your life.

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