They Can Never Know
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A shadowy figure roaming the endless halls of the Backrooms. A sight many would not be surprised to see in a place like this. It almost seems cliche. But this one is different. She doesn't just roam, though being completely non-corporeal, she is malevolent and sadistic. The M.E.G. labeled her as Entity 86, but the wanderers only know her as "the Shadow Woman".

They say that she only roams in search of people to torment. She will sometimes even lead large groups of entities to a single person, and watch them get torn apart, all while laughing. Her laughter isn't one that many would associate with malevolence or sadism, but genuine enjoyment. Like a child watching their dog roll around the carpet. And yet most only hear it moments away from a cruel demise at her hands.

But today, the Shadow Woman roams for a different reason.

"Hello again, "brother"", the shadow woman spoke into the darkness. The sounds of wet squirming could be heard deep into the level. Finally, it "stepped" into the light. The shadow woman's head began to feel strange, but she was used to the feeling. The memory worm showed its teeth to the intruder, but quickly retracted them after a quick viewing of her memories. It relaxed into the dusty concrete floor, and allowed its sister to speak.

"Don't you look at me like that!". The memory worm began projecting words into the Shadow Woman's mind, allowing proper communication, something it's other victims wouldn't have the privilege of experiencing.

"I do not have eyes, sister".

"Ughhh, as wise as you always are", she replied in a sarcastic tone. "What brings you to this part of the Backrooms?", the memory worm keenly asked.

The shadow woman held her hands up, allowing the strings to drape down onto the ground, as if showing off what she could do with them. "Ehehehe~ You're gonna love this idea, I'm sure. I need some of those little wormy guys for a new game I have!", she replied with enthusiasm.

"Diabolical as always."

"Are ya kiddin' me? You EAT people!", the Shadow Woman says, giggling.

"For survival. You play your games for pleasure.", the Memory Worm calmly replies.

The Shadow Woman emotes that she is upset to the best of her ability. "Heyyyyy, thats so unfair! I do it so I can escape that stupid level… l-look, can I get the wormys or not??"

The Memory Worm does not respond, as if to scoff at the little girl standing before her. Within moments, the Worm's body begins convulsing and pulsating, like a snake shedding its skin. The Shadow Woman cringes in disgust as hundreds of small worms fall from the orifice of the Memory Worm, squirming around and getting tangled around each other, as they hit the floor.

"You did not have to watch", the Memory Worm blatantly states. "Hey-hey! Its just morbid curiosity, ugh…", she replies. The head of the Worm moves in a circular motion, and several worms suddenly begin crawling out of the door further into the Backrooms. "They will arrive at the Gaming Hall in a few days".

"Thanks~!", she says. The Shadow Woman noclips into the Memory Worm, attempting to hug it.

The Memory Worm searches through her sisters head one last time, and notices something that concerns it. "Sister. I sense apprehension. Are you still scared?". She filches, hard enough that she phases through the wall behind her. She puts her hands over her face. "Fucking J-…"

"Speak your mind". The shadow looks down at her hands, the strings falling onto the ground. "What if they find out what we are? What will they do???".

"No one would ever suspect that we are… one in the same. There is no correlation. You are a humanoid. I am a worm. And he is…"

"A bird. Ugh, look I know, but you get why someone could be suspicious right?… I'm afraid. I'm afraid of our true nature, okay?" The Memory Worm holds still. Still trembling, the Shadow Woman looks at her brother, hoping for guidance. But the Worm remained silent. It also feared what would happen if the 3 of them met again.

"They can never know", the Worm whispers to the Shadow. The Shadow Woman nods her head, and noclips back out through the wall.

A shadowy figure roaming the endless halls of the Backrooms. But not in search of a soul to torment, but instead returning to her own imprisonment. Stepping through the white door at the end of Level 388, she stepped into the chaotic nightmare of her own creation. And on the floor in front of her, surrounded by reality-defying games of her creation, is a puppet, completely limp.

With a determined giggle, the shadowy figure plunges 10s of red strings into the puppet. The bells on the jester hat ring as they lift off the floor. The Game Master rises from the floor, and laughs loudly, maniacally. Its time to play.

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