There Are No Strings On Me
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"Sis! Hey!! Hey sis! sisisisisisisisis…"

The Dollmaker's hands were busy sewing another perfect doll together. They did not stop for a moment as her sister beckoned her. "…What."

"I just realized I can use my super-reality-bending powers to make MUSIC!"

The Game Master tore open a hole in the floor of reality just to annoy her sister. It were as if a piece of the darkness itself was lifted up like a trap door, shining a obnoxiously bright light down into Level 389.1. The normally dark Level gained a small spotlight, shining down on the Dollmaker, making the little specs of plastic and stones in her infinite dress sparkle.

The Dollmaker ignored her sister, and didn't cease eye contact with her work."I don't care. I'm busy. Go. Away.". Ignoring her demands, the Game Master floated down into Level 389.1.

"C'mooon, why so grumpy??? I thought you liked music!", she said with a grin.

The Dollmaker did not avert her gaze, and continued sewing, the movement sending subtle ripples through her dress, and the rest of the Level.

"I know you love me! You can't ignore me forever y'know! Don't think I don't see you use my doll as a stress ball sometimes~". The Dollmaker answered her sisters annoying statement.

"Music. Its… distracting…"

With a flick of her wrist, the Game Master manifested a microphone stand with a microphone attached. It was not plugged into anything. "Heyyy… I think I know what would make you feel better!"

"…Is it a so-"

"A SONG!~"

"Do not-"

But within a moment, the Game Master transported herself and the Dollmaker onto a massive theater stage, and manifested a roaring crowd of Screamers and Wretches and Jerry. The sounds of piano and drums began to fill the room, and the Game Master twirled around, instantly changing into a causal blue and yellow outfit. And then she started snapping.

"♫ Hey hey, sister, whats the matter? Your dark n' gloomy outlook doesn't really flatter~ ♫

♫ Hey hey sister, whats the♫- "

But in an instant, the Dollmaker slammed her fist against the ground of the stage, cracking a hole in reality itself. All of the stage, and the audience, and the musicians, and Jerry, were instantly dispersed on the atomic level, and Level 389 was reset to its normal form.


The Dollmaker tilted her hat, and glared right into the Game Master's eyes. She had not looked at her sister in the eyes in over a hundred years. Her eyes were a glowing cyanic blue, like the glowing red X's that made up the Game Master's eyes.

The Game Master was taken aback, and was frozen solid in fear. Her booming voice echoed across the Gaming Hall.

"If you interrupt my work ONE MORE TIME, I'm tearing YOUR doll into RIBBONS. AM I UNDERSTOOD."

"Wait wait. I-I'm sorry… Sis…"

The Dollmaker simply grunted. "I'm taking a nap. Don't try anything funny". With that, she slipped through the floor back into her silken hell. All the Game Master could do was fall back into a big bean bag, and sprawled out her arms and legs, trying to make sense of what just happened.

"Knock knock… anybody home?"

The Game Master, lounging around, and moping about random emotions that she felt didn't matter, quickly averted her attention to the figure searching for her. Despite being millions of miles away… she felt it. It was like a someone prodding the back of her thoughts, like a cat scratching the door of the food pantry. A malevolent grin grew across her face, as she jumped up to prepare for another night of sadistic debauchery.

But jumping up, she had realized she sub-consciously turned herself into a plush doll, soft and pliable. Wanting to stand tall and confident, she tranformed her body into a marrionette doll, held up by red strings. It was time to get to work. Like allowing an intrusive thought to occupy her mind, she opened up the Gaming Hall for play. Whoever was searching for her would soon come across a checkerboard pattern door. And from there… they would be the Game Master's toy.

She felt the door open, and saw the person entering. A stoic man with long black hair, a bored look in his eyes, and a tattered green coat entered. She peered into his mind, but found… nothing.

"Who the hell is this guy…?", she thought to herself. Usually, her guests would come off fearful of the new Level, and would sometimes play along with her games. But this man… he showed off no emotion, at least not within his mind. Was this an Entity?

The Game Master decided it would be appropriate to humble her guest. She forced a loud, booming voice, to echo throughout the Level, as it changed into a dark hallway, a checkerboard floor.

"You don't seem to understand the gravity of the situation you're in right now, do you?"

The person continued walking forward, the only reaction to the voice being a curious look around the dark, seemingly empty, Level, searching for the source of the omnipresent voice speaking to him. He doesn't even seem to care that the door behind him has all but vanished.

The Game Master is pissed off that a guest is being so rude. "The audacity of this bitch-", she thinks to herself. "You wanna see something cool? Huh? Some cool shit? FINE. I'll show you my cool as powers, you fuck!".

In a moment, thousands of random distorted faces and shadow entities envelop the room, before thousands more tiny Game Master dolls flood everything around the strange man. Beams of light crush the darkness, revealing an environment like that of a galaxy around him. Distorted music begins to play as a symphony of Entities dance around the man, the sky turns into a massive hole in reality, where nothing but the abyss stares back at him. And as the Game Master prepares to speak words that will send shock-waves across all of non-existance-

"Your smoke and mirrors don't scare me all that much, Clown".

The level itself seems to recoil in awe at the man's utterly offensive statement. The Game Master manifests again, and lowers herself down to him, hanging by glowing red strings.


"You have red cheeks and a silly outfit, of course you're a clown", the man says, adjusting his collar, seemingly trying to hide a grin growing across his face.

The Game Master tries to hide her anger, but fails miserably. "Ohhh nonononono, you are SEVERELY mistaken. *I* am a jack of all trades, I can do fucking ANYTHING, I can make ANYTHING FUNNY. But clowns??? CLOWNS HAVE LIKE SEVEN DIFFERENT JOKES, AND HALF OF THEM ARE STOLEN FROM MIMES!!"

He just chuckles to himself. "Golly, I've heard people say you're obnoxious, but this is way worse than i ever-"


The man ignores her and adjusts his hair, taking a moment to inspect the now empty Level around them. All he is able to see is broken down arcade games and other objects floating above them in an incomplete pile, in an infinite dark void. As he looks around, the Game Master's neck extends so she can continue to glare at him as he looks around.

"So, what exactly are you the "master" of anyway? No offense, but I'm not all that impressed". The man crosses his arm, and grins. Literal, actual steam shoots out of the Game Master's ears.

"Okay, THATS IT, I am getting my comically oversized mallet!"

"And you cant just manifest it because..?"

"Cuz it weighs more than space and time! Give me a fucking minuite! God!"

The Game Master turns around to pull something out of the void; A massive hammer, about the size of a school, and decorated in the Game Masters' colors begins to float around, before slamming into the floor, weighing several thousand tons. She grips the handle with all of her might, and it barley starts to budge.

"Hhhgh!! Once I get this thing up you're SO fucking dead! Wh-hgnnggf! WHOEVER you are!"

Behind her, the man waited patiently. As the Game Master struggled to wield this strange, impossible, cosmic weapon, he gripped his own cheek firmly. Then, he began to pull. The flesh began crackling like dried seaweed around the edges. Before long, a noise fleshy noise enveloped his ears, as his own face was free of his body.

And behind the now dead, decayed flesh, was two glowing eyes within a dark, grey skin, and beneath, a black slit for a mouth, revealing a sadistic and ready smile.

"Heh. Good question."

"So wh—"

Before the Game Master had even a moment to react, Capgras swung their axe at her, catching a mere glimpse of their face. She was able to duck under the attack, but the axe instead sliced through the strings holding her up, causing her to fall flat on the ground.

She reflexively shot her arm out at him, intending to blast them away with an beam of dark matter. But… nothing happened. She was rendered powerless, a pile of cloth and cotton and threads upon the ground. The poof of a soft pillow hitting the ground echoed through the ever darkening Level. The Game Master attempted to crawl towards the Entity that stood above her.

Before the Game Master could even comprehend what was happening, Capgras flung the axe down into the ground, just barely missing The Game Master's neck. Her body freezes in place, flinching at the blade dropping down at her. In that moment, she realized somewhat what was happening. This Entity, whatever it was, had somehow severed her connection with Level 389, and caused her to become somewhat independent of it. Absolute shock and confusion filled her mind.

"How… did you—"

Capgras ignored her attempted question, only responding by grabbing her now rag doll-like body by the neck, and aggressively lifting her up. "Sorry to break it to you, but I've got powers too. You say you can do cool shit? I can pick whoever I want from a crowd and pry their face from their skull, stealing their identity and their life. You claim you're a jack of all trades? I've spent just as many thousands of years learning how to meddle in affairs, infiltrate places I'm not allowed, and cause enough chaos to bring whole civilizations crashing down. You claim you can do anything? Well I just did something you never even dreamed possible…"

The Entity, in a final act of power over The Game Master, reached towards her head, and effortlessly tore her face off. Little balls of cotton stuffing flew around the Level, as her body was dropped casually on the floor, falling limp.

"… I beat the Game Master at her own game. You will never forget this moment, Jester. Capgras wins, flawless victory".

"So. What happened to you?"

"I… got my ass handed to me…"

The Dollmaker, holding a sewing needle, was masterfully crafting together a new face to sew onto the Game Master. "How?"

"This Entity, they… Cut me down from the strings holding me to The Gaming Hall."

"Right. And I'm getting a sense that that… did something to you".

"…Yeah. Everything feels… Real."

The Dollmaker nodded, and looked back down at her work. In her hands lay a thin sheet of gray fabric, with eyes being stitched into it. "This won't hurt when I apply it, and hopefully it'll settle in, good as new".

She nodded in response, "Thanks sis".

Soon enough, the Dollmaker's Silken Hell was once again plunged into silence, with only an implication of noise, as the needle pierced through the fabric, and pulled through. Eventually, a thought entered the Dollmaker's head.

"So what were they like? This… Capgras you speak of".

The Game Master reflected for a moment.

"Honestly? …kinda hot. Ehehe…"

"Ugh. You are hopeless, don't even—"

"LOOK!! they made me feel REAL. THEY MADE ME FEEL ALIVE!! LITERALLY! and.. that..kinda felt good.."

The Dollmaker giggles at her sister. "I believe the word you used to describe this feeling was… erm.. simp?"

"SHUT UP!!!!"

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