Poolrooms Theme
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This is a theme primarily intended for articles relating to the Poolrooms1 (which are currently unfinished).

To use it on your own article, include the following code somewhere on your page:

[[include :backrooms-wiki:theme:poolrooms]]

People always ask "where the pool is" but no one asks "how the pool is." 😔



It's a pool.

To make a horizontal line, put five hyphens in a row. These can separate stuff, but so can line breaks.

----- creates a horizontal line.

@@ @@ creates an empty line (note the space).

Big text big text.

Tabs! Little clickity buttons! Separate sections! Create wonders!

Blockquote, used for whenever you feel like sticking some stuff in one.

Oh yeah you can put blockquotes inside of blockquotes.

> is better than [[div class="blockquote"]], fight me.

(I put tabs inside of tabs without CSS, you will not win).

This is a desk table
So the default theme pages claim that making these
should be common knowledge
I, however, digress.
They're weirdly formatted and not commonly used.
Go nuts!

[[div class="styled-quote"]]

Oh, look, a line over there! That's cool!


[[div class="lightblock"]]

The line's gone, that's unfortunate.


[[div class="dark-styled-quote"]]

Wait no, it was preparing its special attack! The whole block is turning dark!


[[div class="darkblock"]]

No mind to think, no will to break, no voice to cry suffering.


Our whole database was in a hot dense state
Then twenty four and some months ago
Code manifested
The brackets began to close, found where the semicolon goes
What's happening? Who knows!
Stole CSS (We stole some Javascript)
Copy, paste, and check for bugs
Writing slower than a slug
It all started with a program

The body font is Nunito.

The header font is Anek Kannada.

The monospace font is IBM Plex Mono.

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