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This theme was created by ghostchibighostchibi, inspired by scientific botanical artwork and named after the book Pomona Italiana. Many of the colors in this theme were color-picked from images in the book.

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The header font is Caslon OS by Hanken Design Co., released under OFL (SIL Open Font License).

The title font is Neo Euler Medium by Hermann Zapf, released under OFL (SIL Open Font License).

The body font is Libre Baskerville by Pablo Impallari, Rodrigo Fuenzalida, released under OFL (SIL Open Font License).

The header image is Floral wreath png illustration, transparent background by Unknown Creator from rawpixel, released under Public Domain/CC0.

The image block image is Peach bough (Prunus Persica) (1918) by Royal Charles Steadman and digitally enhanced by rawpixel, released under Public Domain/CC0.

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