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This theme was created by LiurdLiurd. The theme isn't bound to any group or canon, so feel free to import it!

To import this theme to your page, put the following text anywhere inside it:

[[include :backrooms-wiki:theme:highlighter]]


The theme allows you to customize your page in a rather easy way by add the following code to your page1:

[[module CSS]]

--bright-accent:r,g,b;/*The main color and accent color of the theme.*/
--logo-image:url("URL link");




Peace and love!

A horizontal rule can be created with 5 hyphens"-----" and extends across the whole page if it's not placed inside anything. The lines separating sections of this document are horizontal rules.

Titles can be created by putting between one and six plus "+" at the start of the line.

This is a tabview.

This is a blockquote, created by putting "> " at the start of each line.
More text.

That's a horizontal rule.

Nested blockquotes2

This is a table
You should know how to make these

this text
is here
so you can
see how
everything looks
with different
including links that do not
And links that do exist!

[[div class="styled-quote"]]


[[div class="dark-styled-quote"]]

just a link


[[div class="lightblock"]]


[[div class="darkblock"]]

just a link


[[div class="darkblock marked"]]
Add "marked" to get a marked effect!

[[div class="darkblock clipped"]]
Add "clipped" to get a clipped effect!

[[div class="clipblock"]]
Or use this!

[[div class="holeblock"]]
Bloody hell mate, why did you clip my theme?

[[div class="glassblock"]]

Your eyesight is failing. It won't be long before your world goes completely black.
——Level 668




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