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Welcome to the Eternal Repository's… graphic design sub-division. We hope you enjoy the new banner. The one which the UEC used was nice, but it's time for us to have our own debut.

This theme was created by Sentinel NavyEOD_24NavyEOD_24. Insert the following code anywhere in your page to use our theme:

[[include :backrooms-wiki:theme:eternal-repository-theme]]

This theme was built off of VivamusLudioVivamusLudio's U.E.C. theme page, using most of the internal code with some nice, comforting blue changes.

The Body and Header font are both Rajdhani
Title font is Turret Road
Last but not least, Mono font is Overpass Mono

Finding the Forgotten,

Mending the Found.

put some cool techy stuff here

We take those who cannot protect themselves,

Helping them survive through the hell we find ourselves in.

To trade is to assist others, sharing the wealth amongst the population.

Join us and live in the shadows, helping those who find themselves lost and afraid.

We Find the Forgotten, and Mend the Found.

myrar PinDead
birch, the pilk progen

We are the Sentinels of the Repository

Our ultimate goal.

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Expressing our goals, to help all.

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To hide in the shadows, helping those and having no faces.

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I do hope you enjoy your stay. ~ The Master Administrator

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