Blinding Lights
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Stole some code from my very own Corporate theme (which steals code from TrailmixNCocoaTrailmixNCocoa's M.E.G. theme), chrono72's Repository theme, w3schools, and SnomWritingSnomWriting's Blanche toggle button to make another theme because why the heck not? The sequel to Aesthetic is now here! The button makes everything have a glowing animation. Header has the glowing animation on this page by default, but this will for some reason fix itself once you actually include the theme on your page.

To import this theme to your page, put the following text anywhere inside it:

[[include :backrooms-wiki:theme:blinding-lights]]

Was originally going to call it the neon theme, but turns out that's taken, so here's an alternative name that's totally not a reference to a certain hit song.

Because people told me to (I did not consent to this), I will add a bunch of references to a certain Canadian in this page.



Oh wow, this glows too.

A horizontal rule can be created with 4 hyphens "----" and extends acro— Wait, is that line glowing?

Titles can be created by putting between one and six plus "+" at the start of the line. They also glow in true neon fashion. I also don't recommend bolding the headers — it won't break anything, but it removes part of that neon sign feel. It's also stupidly bright if you bold the text.

Not to be confused with the novel House of Leaves.
Only difference is that this happy house has balloons while the other has… disappointing leaves. Duh.
Of course, if there's balloons, you know it's going to be fun.
Wait a minute. Balloons?
This better not be partyg—


This is a blockquote, created by putting "> " at the start of each line.
You guessed it — it glows.

Now let's go deeper.

How many layers?

Poopity Scoop
Scoop di-di Whoop
Whoop di Scoop di Poop

I said1
Very normal (and very unoriginal) text.
How are your eyes doing?
Perhaps it's time for a little tilt.
oh wow it's even more thiqq now.
This has a line going through it.
It's so thin.
Made in theAM?
Came for theFM
Clicking this allows you to listen to a secret version of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up.
Clicking this takes you to the early morning hours of 12:00 AM. Literally.

Quotes and Blocks:

[[div class="lightblock"]]


[[div class="styled-quote"]]


[[div class="border-block"]]


Special Div


Preface: Two weirdos decided to go to a karaoke bar at 12:00 AM.

Person 1: I think we should sing "Blinding Lights" this time around.
Person 2 stares at Person 1 in disgust.
Person 2: That's not the only song in the world, you know.

Aftermath: Person 1 was ultimately blinded by the lights, eventually succumbing to permanent vision damage.

The header font is Beon.
The title font is La Chata.
The page title font is Righteous.
The body font is Radis Sans.
The mono and topbar font is Comfortaa.
The rating module font is Nova Round.
The additional log font is Hezaedrus.

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