TheBoxofFun's Author's Page (Aka: A Weird Italian Box)
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A self portait on paint.


my paint skills suck.

Here, listen to these good tracks cause they're really dope and I swear that I'm not still writing just to add more tracks lol.

Hello guys, I'm TheBoxOfFun, your Italian boi, but you can call me just Box. I'm an author of the Italian SCP wiki and also a writer for the Backrooms wiki. I write stuff, REALLY much stuff.

Stuff I have done:


  • Level 190 - "School Detention": My very first idea, first based on my school hallways, then I had to change the photos. But I'm still satisfied with the results :3
  • Road to Ruins: The second part of our collab, this was the original idea of Greggita MahayfaioGreggita Mahayfaio, I helped her with fixing some issues and with the photos.



  • Wow look, nothinig


  • Wow look, nothing


More things coming soon, stay tuned. You can also check my bad sandbox page for checking the updates.

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