The Tears
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I walked for hours until I reached some sort of clearing, In the middle of which was a large city. Somehow civilization had been here, although it seemed empty from afar. As I walked closer I saw more, empty cars with skeletons inside, streets scattered with pieces of trash and clothes, long forgotten by time.
The bodies were all looking up at the sky.

As I continued to walk, I saw something else enter from the end of the street. But I had concluded that no other human could have survived here, so I ran from it. And it ran after me.
The beast was hardly human, skin hanging off from its arms and legs like a loosely fitting suit. It chased with ferocious speed, and as I thought I was done for I ran inside a tall building, I believe they had been referred to as skyscrapers at some point.

I slammed the glass doors closed behind me and moved a couch in front of the door. The creature snarled and bared it's teeth, pressing itself against the glass. It was not human, only imitating one. I knew it would bash through the glass soon, so I began to look frantically for a way out.

I ran up a flight of stairs and did not look back. As I did i, I began to remember again.
A birthday of some sort. It could have been mine, but I seemed too old. Perhaps a cousin.

As I ran, I began to cry as well. I had not remembered anything. What did I do to deserve this? It had to be some sort of divine punishment from a cruel god, for no one could think of such a horror as to remove a man's identity from himself, other than god himself.

I bust through the door at the end of the stairs, and it led to the rooftop of the building. The building was the tallest in the city, but from that view I could only see the blue mist from beneath, and nothing more.

I locked the door behind me and sat down on the roof, looking down to the mist beneath. I wondered what I would do now, as the creature would presumably be here soon.
But I began to question whether or not I should bother to escape. I remember nothing of myself, of my life, and if I couldn't' remember it I could never possibly reclaim it in the first place.
I sat on the roof, next to the walls that guard the inevitable fall. And as I did, I remembered again.
Holding someone. A moment of solace, perhaps over sadness or even joy. it was unclear to me.
As I sat, unaware of what to do next, I wondered if I could ever achieve that feeling again. And I knew deep down that I would not.

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