The Well
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Picture illustrating The Well's inside


A photo of The Well taken in Level 47

The Well is an enigmatic Level of the Backrooms. It has the appearance of a common well.


Most of the time, this level has the appearance of a stone well covered with common moss, this level can be used as a wormhole by jumping into it. The level has proven to have a variable depth as the time to fall once you jump is between 1 and 8 hours.

The well connects several levels and appears (apparently) randomly in some of them. It is known that there is a way to summon this level but the way to do is unknown.

Sometimes this level can be seen with decorations and in rare cases, the well can be made of a completely new material, these exceptions can be taken as hints of where are you going to be dropped if you jump in.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Since the properties of this level, creating communities and outposts seems impossible.

Alternative wells

There are likely more types of wells, but they have not yet been discovered. The next entries are reports of different backroom wanderers

  • Greek style well: A M.E.G. team reported a marble-made well that reminded them the Greek architecture, its known that this wormhole will drop you in Level 51.
  • Party stuff: there are reports of party objects founded near the well like hats, balloons or even a cake (never eat the cake, it has sleeping effects), found these things around means that the well will drop you at a party! =)
  • A water-filled well: this one were found by an anonymous reddit user, in his post he related how after a few days wandering around Level 46 he found a water-filled well, in other circumstances he wouldn't drink the water, but he was almost dehydrated, the water had a rusty taste, with no secondary effects. He decided to jump and after a few minutes of diving into he ended up in Level 7.
  • The Limestone Pit: An experienced explorer reported finding a pit made of sandstone and probably limestone that reminded her of the pyramids of Egypt, as she was chased by some entities she decided to jump, after a couple of hours of falling the explorer fainted, once she woke up, she was in the fifth stage of Level 48. It is unknown if this well will always leave you at this stage.
  • Wood-made well: Some reddit users reported that jumping in a strange well made entirely of wood dropped them in Level 427. The users ended falling in a small room hitting the ground but taking no damage, that room connected with the level.

Entrances And Exits:

Due to the characteristics of the level, it is very difficult to catalog the entrances and exits of it, that's why the ones mentioned here are based on statistics.


It is not known for sure at what levels the well may appear, but it is more likely to be found in open-spaced levels.


In addition to those mentioned in the Alternative wells section, the well can drop you in other levels if it's in its pure form. In that case, 50% of the times jumping into the well will drop you in Level 8; after a variable time of falling you'll be ejected from one of the waterfalls of this level. Plus there is a 30 percent chance of finishing in Level 66, there's also a small chance of being dropped in Level 127 and one even smaller of ending in Level 34.

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