The Visionaries Of Berry
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We are the those who saw the visions of reality and wish to spread it's truth. Berry, our savior, will guide us to the truth. Not just the truth of the Backrooms, but the truth of existence itself. Berry, however, has gone missing. The Backrooms is in the dark when he is not around. Help us search for him, the world needs his ever-watchful gaze.

Don't you want to join us?

Open your eyes.

We are those who have seen the truth, those who have been enlightened by Berry. With this knowledge, we want to spread his visions throughout the Backrooms, and the rest of reality. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Berry has gone missing. We have been searching night and day for him, but to no avail. Join us, help the search, see the vision, and you will ascend.

Leader Cat's Eye is in charge until Berry can be relocated. When you inevitably join, you will receive our exclusive Necklaces! These are no ordinary necklaces, this technology was found in Berry's mysterious collar, and allows telepathic communication with other wearers and the ever-gracious Berry. You will also receive standard-issue clothing and other amenities. We hope for you to join us.

Who would say no to such a generous offer?

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