The U.E.C.
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Unbound Explorers Coalition

Who are We?

The U.E.C. is a specialized group on the warpath to pave the way for future generations. The safety and pursuit of happiness is our highest priority. Our dedicated task forces are highly trained in order to deal with the most dangerous entity threats this hostile environment has to offer.


The official logo of the U.E.C.

Our Founding:

The U.E.C. was founded on the principle of putting the safety of people first before anything else. The M.E.G. failed our founder. Diana Stewards lost her entire family due to lax safety standards that are still perpetuated to this day. These poor standards are the hearth of our cause and we wish to bring an end to such treachery.

Unfortunately Diana no longer shares our vision and has since made the decision to leave the U.E.C. to pursue an alternative path in life. She will be missed but a part of her still remains.

List of Teams:

The U.E.C. Leaders:

  • The Hands of Athena - Our gracious leaders stand tall against the tyranny of uncertainty. They are responsible for graciously handpicking the most beneficial media to feed the hungry minds of our residents. Transparency is a value we uphold dearly.

U.E.C. Squads

  • Partisans of Arete - The Partisans of Arete is our combat-based task force specialized in expanding our influence level by level, placing their lives on the line with each mission. Truly the backbone of our mission, aren't they? Our soldiers are selected by our gracious leaders to carry out the most dangerous missions, led by our elites who have proven themselves to truly be closest to understanding our vision.

  • Homeland Defense Force - The H.D.F. is the domestic protection of the U.E.C. Here to serve and protect you, from ravenous entities to our sworn enemies; our home guard. The most gracious and brave among us choose to apply and become an HDF operator and swear their lives for our cause and our people. Bravery at its finest isn't it?

  • Servants of Ponos - The Scavengers are highly trained members of a squadron dedicated to the collection and retrieval of valuable materials used for the uptaking of our glorious home and servicepeople.

U.E.C. Colonies and Outposts.

  • Level 76 - A prominent outpost/city that's utilized for the harvesting of resources. Although dangerous, I assure you the Partisans of Arete have kept the entity density low, rendering the danger level to a practically nonexistent level. The residence present are grateful for our presence. We provide them everything they need to live a happy, peaceful life without the presence of the environment's beasts present in Dendroga.

  • Level 831 - This outpost has been destroyed in a cowardly act of terrorism, but we are working to bring the perpetrators to justice.

  • Level 466 - Our town within allows us to collect some of the most valuable resources we require to keep everyone within our protection happy. The denizens are grateful for our presence, as we can protect all from the dangers that the level may throw our way, no matter the size.

  • Level 502 - While dangerous, the unique properties and possible technological advancements have been deemed worth the possible risk. Rest assured, we only send the most skilled and best suited for such a harsh environment. Our current location has allowed any and all residents of our base to avoid risk - so far, no persons have been lost.

U.E.C. Tech.

Our technology is constantly advancing to ensure safety and dominance over our territory. Our specialty is our wide array of weaponry designed to swiftly annihilate any possible entity that stands in the way of progress. No entity is truly safe and it is the destiny of man to triumph over all for sake of peace.

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