The Teachers
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ManWhataDay Today at 04:10
Hey, dude, can you critique this?

UnfortunatelyShort Today at 04:20
Bro wtf, go back to sleep.

Have we been awoken?

Well, yes, one human questioned the mind.

A rather annoying time to be awake. Why do we?

To make sure our students do not find something they aren’t supposed to find.

For now, we have to watch this human with…curiosity.

First we select the alternative reality for em, now we have to watch them?

They’re a rather smart group. Their mind is strong, yet, their bodies are fragile.

So why are we watching them? They can’t witness the Beyond.

Such a mind of it’s kind is interesting. We have not seen a species such as them in a long time.

Perhaps one day, they will observe the beyond.

I believe that is highly unlikely.

Even with that statement, you still have a bit of questioning in your voice.

You believe I question my own decision?

Of course not. It’s why the Earth has injuries from the past.

Perhaps you two better stop arguing. We do not want to awake the others.

Fine. Then perhaps one day, they’ll be ready.

One day.

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