The Surveillance Room
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The Surveillance Room is a room only accessible when allowed by Aiden.


This Room can be found on Level 4. The door to the room has a sign saying no cameras allowed inside. If a picture is taken it will not load. This room holds a computer system, and monitors from the late 20th century. The computer system can be used, but it is very limited, with only a few files. The monitors however shows a certain amount of Levels from cameras on walls, ceilings, even from Aiden's point of view. The Screens change once and awhile to different Levels. These Levels can be traveled to, and they are: Level 0, Level 1, other parts of Level 4, Level 5, Level 9. Level 11, Level 13, Level 16, Level 20, Level 30, Level 32, Level 36, Level 40, or any other Level that can contain a camera. To travel, you will need to find some security card rarely in Level 4. Use these cards by putting it to the screen to enter the Level that is viewed. Once the chosen Level has been entered, it seems to have an effect on surrounding Entities, and alerts them from far away areas. Sometimes another Aiden can be inside, and the Aiden's will usually communicate with each other.

The items in this room can change from time to time, as if it was in use. Cups, Food items, Cabinets and other objects will be moved, or disappear when no one is inside the room. This room seems to appear in random doors in Level 4, where other rooms used to be in place. one report says that a Wanderer was in one of these room before The Surveillance Room took it over. They explained that their room was transported to a undiscovered Level. The user stated that he forgot what the Level looked like after exiting, but it seemed safe. There is a second door in The Surveillance Room, asking an Aiden to unlock, and open the door, will lead you to Level 35. Sometimes the door to The Surveillance Room will be opened, although, all technology has been shut down at this time, and is unusable.

The Guard:

The Guard resembles an overweight, decaying corpse of a human male with an attire worn by mall cops at the start of the 21st century, which said uniform is both on the outside, and inside of the Entities skin in different areas of it's body. A tool belt is also on this Entity. It includes generic items like a flash light or taser but also another key card, which it's use is unknown, as this card does not work on the cameras. This Entity is summoned when a Wanderer uses the travel screens too many times in a day, once this happens, the Entity will be waiting in the room, until a few days have past. This Entity is very dangerous, but is very slow, and unintelligent.

Enterances And Exits:


To Enter, just find Aiden, and kindly ask to bring you to a Surveillance Room.


To Exit, Use a key card to enter one of the Levels viewed on a screen.

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