The Spider
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[NAME]: Henry "The Spider" Pitezel

[CHARGES]: First Degree Murder (14 Counts)


Artist's Rendition of Pitezel


The M.E.G. is offering a reward of up to 7 weeks worth of food and water rations for information leading directly to the apprehension of Henry Pitezel.


Henry Pitezel, prior to arriving in the Backrooms, was supposedly a highly skilled surgeon located out of Chicago, IL. He is extremely proficient in manipulation and deception and exhibits a severe lack of empathy towards others.


Pitezel is wanted for allegedly kidnapping, torturing, and murdering fourteen members of three seperate groups of wanderers travelling through Level 5. M.E.G. officers were exploring The Boiler Room before coming across a kill spot thought to have been used by Pitezel within a week of discovery. Journals found in this area connect Henry Pitzel with the killings, though leave no clues as to his current whereabouts. Entries within the journal suggest Pitezel abandoned the location in lue of "more interesting prospects" in The Main Hall of Level 5.


If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local M.E.G. base.


Only known photo of Pitezel.


Henry Pitezel is a tall, heavyset and middleaged gentleman, his distinguishing physical characteristics being a scar across the bridge of his nose and a noticeable limp in his left leg. He normally sports business attire, though with the occassional addition of a butcher's apron at times. Pitezel speaks with a somewhat archaic accent and vocabulary, though he has adapted much in his time as a wanderer.

From the limited information available at the time, we have inferred Pitezel entered the Backrooms some time in the 1910s. According to our resources, "Henry Pitezel" has either been erased from frontroom records or is merely a pseudonym for this person of interest.

Additional Information

The last known confirmed location of Henry Pitezel is a kill spot located within the Boiler Rooms of Level 5. M.E.G. officers exploring the area discovered numerous paraphernalia that may have been used by Henry Pitezel. These include;

* Twelve knives of different varieties, such as pocket knives, filet knives, and gutting knives.
* Three journals, two of which are completely water logged and illegible.
* An array of surgical tools in varying states of upkeep.

Below is one of the only entries recovered from the journals found in Pitezel's kill spot, and is theorized to be the last entry Pitezel recorded before their departure of the Boiler Rooms.

"Boiler 3" Journal Entry Excerpt of 12|21

A posse of folk wandered close to my station today. Three armed with gutting knives, all six of them had survival gear. All I had to tell them was a fallen pipe had trapped a stash of water and they came to my "rescue". Of course I knew they were gonna take it for themselves, they'd be idiots to think one large fellow like myself would take on six of them.
When they walked into the dead end, closing the door felt like justice to me. The pipes leaking vapor ended up dry drowning them. It's strange to watch someone beg while drowning. Isn't like just pushing their heads under. Not bad, just different. My heart stills in that calm just the same anyways.
The gear they left wasn't anything useful to my plans. Already have a collection of knives, theirs were too rusted to be added. A few lengths of rope as well. I brought them back and flayed two of them to see if they had the rot. They didn't. I could begin my work.
One woke up as I was taking their nose. I had to slice their throat. It was messy. I've heard from some of the other Originals about taking the tongue through the neck to make a tie of sorts. Seems like a well enough opportunity.

Note for if I attempt it again, drain the blood before slicing the neck. The red mess made it difficult to carry out the rest of my design.
One of them had a bandaged burn on their shoulder, infected and pus-filled. They would have died within the week regardless. Idiots.
The bodies were displayed for the staff above. I had to leave before they arrived, but I'm sure it was a pleasant treat.

My stash has been found. Good timing, a new opportunity in the main hall has arrived. Maybe I'll properly check in tonight.

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