The Snake Crawls Part 5: Lurking Suspicions
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June 05, 2021:

It had been quite a few hours during my long wait for Janice to report back to us. At the time I was just laying on my bed once again, staring at the amazing art piece me and Janice had created. I smiled in joy thinking about all the things we could do together. At that time, I was also bored, so I got up to the small PC system that was hooked up in my room. I connected it to The M.E.G. Database. Anyone could access the Database, even us. I was curious about what they had to say about The Masked Maidens. From what I'd heard, we didn't have much people who could commonly connect to The M.E.G. Database. Maybe it was the fact that many of our members could've just found a mask recently after finding their way into The Backrooms. Kind of shocks me actually. Well, even now, we do have Maidens creating our own Database. And it will only hold the truth.

Well, as I searched, I didn't find much at all. Seems like the Entries on the Maidens are either classified or purely incomplete, although their Maidens Group Entry does talk about how we use masks and want to stop this "false sense of corruption" as they put it. I chuckled at the fact that they were either hiding the truth, or had no idea. I kind of felt bad in a way if that was the case.

What was more interesting was that their Entry slot for Object 26 says "Maiden's Ink" right on the Object's List, but when clicking on the Entry, it said that the Object slot was under maintenance. I was curious as to why, but I never had the chance to think, as after that, I found my name in the PoI category… I was shocked; I didn't understand how or why I was mentioned as a PoI. At the same time, I noticed there was a note on my desked, signed with "Janice". I wanted to read both things, but before I could even get to it, I was called out by Mackie. She seemed super excited — she wasn't wearing her mask, walking in with this goofy grin. It seemed like Janice's mission was a success. I had to figure that out later.

Mackie: Kyra! There you are!

Kyra: Oh hey Mackie! Wh- what's got you full of smiles?

Mackie: It's Janice! She came back with a report and the mission was a success!

Kyra: Really!? That's amazing!

Mackie: Yeah! The experimentation base was successfully raided! They will be stuck looking for resources for a long time!

Kyra: Wow! Well what will we do now?

Mackie: Well, The Madam is has given the order for a celebration! And as a way to thank the strike team and Janice for their brave actions during the successful mission, and you too for finding the data that got us there!

Kyra: So we're gonna have like.. heh… a masquerade!?

Mackie: You jest, but it's true! We do hold our celebrations as a masquerade type of party.

Kyra: Ha! No way! That just makes it better. Very fitting too!

Mackie: It really is! We would like you to join us, as you did assist the very mission that gave us this moment Kyra.

Kyra: Oh of course! I'd love to join you guys!

Mackie: Follow me.

(As we walked out of my room, and started to traverse the halls, I could see all the other Maidens laugh and giggle with joy. This was a very important moment for all of us, even just for a little while. We then made it to the main command room. I seen Janice, Amanda and The Madam herself. I even seen Sully having a chat with someone in the distance. We then interrupted The Madam to see what's up.)

Madam Evangeline: …and yes, we will hold a mighty feast! Prepare the bakers! We must—

Janice: Hey Kyra…

Kyra: Wow! Look at all the Maidens go! Setting up the big party.

Madam Evangeline: Indeed they are. And you two are our special guest.

Janice: I'm… honored.

Kyra: Yeah!.. are you okay Janice?

Janice: Yeah…

Kyra: …Okay…

Madam Evangeline: You and Janice will hold a grand speech with us during the beginning of the party, and express yourself and your joy for this special moment!

Amanda: You have all done wonders for us for the past few weeks and we can't thank you enough.

Janice: I am not too enthusiastic…

Kyra: Wh- why not…?

Janice: I am more excited then that. I cannot describe it!

Kyra: Ohh! Haha! Yeah!

Janice: Let's get this… show on the road!

Kyra: Alright! How can I help out!?

Amanda: Well Kyra, you can help the others set up the tables for our feast! We have the bakers forming the most delicious and safe pastries right at this moment and they need the space to place their goods for everyone to enjoy!

Madam Evangeline: I suggest getting to it!

(The Madam claps twice in a quick session. I quickly got to the tables as fast as I can, helping to set them up. As I got there, I was focused on washing the table cloths, as they were fairly stained, probably from the various other celebrations. Then, something came up behind me and startled me.)

Sullivan: Hehah! Haven't seen you in a quick sec! Well, never mind — I actually did see you with The Madam as I was on my astonishing journey that is 'building tables'. Truly a breathtaking but morally pointless experience! Heh.

Kyra: Ha! Hey Sully!

Sullivan: Yes yes, I already greeted you but twice is better then none! Heh, so what's a special party guest like you doing here with us? Heh, I bet you have a special seat reserved just for you!

Kyra: Heh!

Sullivan: Don't forget to tell them to give me a special seat too! I've always wanted one of those!

Kyra: Oh I'm sure they'll have one for you! You did save us from the guards and all of that after all!

Sullivan: Gah! It was nothing! Just nearly killed me was all! Heha!

Kyra: Well we thank you for your efforts.

Sullivan: One day you're questioning your own existence and the next you're being awarded for almost not existing! Sounds like a win-win amirite!? Hahaha!

Kyra: Well, when you put it that way, I guess?

Sullivan: I put any word in any way as I myself can go any way! I either make sense or I don't. Yin and Yang if y'know what I mean! I sure don't! Heheh!

Kyra: That, kind of makes sense. heh.

Sullivan: Hehah! Never thought that was possible. Although I did think it was plausible!

Kyra: Well, Sully, who are you gonna dance with? I saw you talking to someone over there not too long ago.

Sullivan: Oh! Maria! Heh… nah why would she be into this mess?

Kyra: Pfft! It seemed like she was the one asking you.

Sullivan: Yes, but… y- y'know I am… too astonishing for it!

Kyra: Uh huh. Suuure!

Sullivan: No one has ever treated me like I was important before.

Kyra: Then why deny her?

Sullivan: Uhh… heheh… well being afraid is fun right?

Kyra: Sully… you're afraid what she'll think of you?

Sullivan: No!… Maybe… look it's an inner battle! I call it nonsense.

Kyra: Well, remember this. Never be afraid of what makes you special.

Sullivan: Hehehah! You sound like Janice!

Kyra: Heh, I guess I did.

Sullivan: you know, maybe just for you to shut up about it, I'll try! Heh.

Kyra: Awesome! You'll be great!

Sullivan: Hopefully I will if I even can be. Never mind, I found my big boy pants! I think I can do it!

Kyra: I'm hoping they'll fit. Heha!

Sullivan: Hahaha! Good one! I'll catch you later at the show then! Well, I can't catch you that would be weird. Heh.

Kyra: Well, see you later alligator!

Sullivan: Ha! I was never called that before, lemme find my snout!

(Sully slowly wattles away while making a snout opening and closing with his hands on his face. Unenthusiastically saying "rawr" at the other Maidens.)

Kyra: Hmph!…

As I continue scrubbing the tablecloths I quickly turn around and see Janice in the distance. Something felt off. Her behavior just seemed… bland. I didn't know what had gotten into her at the time. However, I thought that maybe confessing my love for her during the party would make her feel a lot better.

Little did I know that this was unfixable…

I turned back to continue my task at hand. thinking about what to say. How to approach her properly. She told me never to be afraid of what makes me special. So I wouldn't be afraid to tell her. This was all cut short when Mackie came up to me.

Mackie: Hello again!

Kyra: Hey! What are you doing here?

Mackie: Just thought I could help out.

Kyra: Huh, thanks!

Mackie: Really, it's nothing!

(Mackie grabs a towel and starts to wash the tables themselves.)

Kyra: Be sure to get all the spots!

Mackie: You got it!… So, how did you get here?

Kyra: Oh! Well, I was actually a member at Camp Amber back in Level 11!

Mackie: The merged Group with The M.E.G.?

Kyra: Yeah… it wasn't fun. They cut our food supply and everything.

Mackie: I've heard it came back.

Kyra: So did I. Hopefully it did. People need it.

Mackie: They really do.

Kyra: Doesn't help how they're full of lies though.

Mackie: Well… yeah. I wouldn't trust them. They had hurt a lot of people in secret.

Kyra: I saw some of it through the logs… the people were forced to be experimented on, and the scientists were forced to work on it. No one wanted to be there.

Mackie: Yeah… Well, how did you find the Maidens?

Kyra: Well, I was actually attacked by Sully while I was on the search for food. Then I found a mask soon after escaping him. I didn't know what it was. I was scared and I tried to be hesitant at first but… it just drew me in.

Mackie: Yeah, those are the effects. Glad you're here!

Kyra: Yeah! Thanks! Sully and Janice found me wandering Level 0 soon after. Say, how did you get here?

Mackie: Well… I got into The Backrooms with my brother after falling during a walk in my neighborhood. We found ourselves in Level 0. Luckily for me this was before the change. So we could still see each other. Weeks later… I think, he found a mask and he wore it all the time. I never found one myself. We eventually got to Level 4. He kept finding things for me to survive; it didn't seem like he needed it. That was until, we found a bunch of M.E.G. personnel. We didn't know what Base Omega was at the time. He killed one of them, to protect me… but…


Mackie: My brother was killed right in front of me, by those murderers. I took his mask and ran as far as I could… I ran back into Level 0. I couldn't see from the tears in my eyes. I just sat down and cried for… I don't know how long…. that was until I found The Maidens. The mask lead me there. I've been here ever since.

Kyra: I… I'm sorry… Wow…

Mackie: No, no need. It's been three years. I miss him. But at least I found a home.

Kyra: I feel the same way. This feels like home, and I'll do anything to complete our mission.

Mackie: That's good. Thank you.

Kyra: Yeah, we'll all stop them together.

My hatred for The M.E.G. grew even more. I wanted to stop these false saviors and put an end to this corruption once and for all. We all did. Well, it was why we were celebrating after all. We stopped one of their largest secret experiment bases. Even if it's just for a little while. This is a huge moment for us.

A few hours had passed and it was time for the main event! We had set up a large stage-like area, and on that stage, Me and Janice had our own special reserved seats. And yes, I made sure to get Sully one too. We even had an old gramophone playing classical music. We all went to sit down and The Madam came up to give a speech.

Madam Evangeline: Greetings dear Maidens. Today is a very special day. We had successfully taken out a secret M.E.G. experiment base! We are all here to celebrate the triumphant acts of Janice Haley, Kyra Haywood, Sullivan Vanderlyn and the future downfall of this corruptions growing in the gargantuan factions that once controlled our every move as people. Now, I'd like to introduce our brave heroes to give a speech to all of us here today. Let's first have Janice Haley be the first to speak.

Janice: Hey everyone!… So uhh… yeah! We did… not do- well… we did many things! I'm… tired, not? Yeah! Umm, when we got into Base Alph- Omega! And took out all the bad guys and.. uhh- yeah! We got info! And then I… lead a few people to their dem… d- destiny! Slithe- getting their way back now at this very… moment! I- uhh- ahh- I- I'm staged.. stage fright.. tired… Let's paaaarty!

(Janice, slowly walked off the stage and went to this outside balcony area. Few of the Maidens cheered and most stood in bewilderment. I froze, but slowly clapped nervously. What was going on with her? Amanda quickly takes the microphone and speaks.)

Madam Evangeline: Amanda? What in the world did she say…?

Amanda: Haha! Uhh, yeah that was certainly… something! Again she had been through a lot these past few weeks. And she must be very tired as she said! So… L- let's bring in Sullivan to… d- do something.

(Sully walks up to the mic as Amanda moves out of the way back to her seat.)

Sullivan: Hahaha! Yeah! What a show! No, I mean what! A! Show! I mean I even have my own spot to sit and do absolutely nothing at all! It's too good! OH! And Janice that was a very inspiring speech! You killed it out there! Like, literally everyone was silent! Not even I could've done better! As some of you should not know, Janice and I go way waaay waaaaaaaay back! Heha… well not that far that would be like… the creation of the universe or something. Heh, well we've been a team for as long as I can remember! I can't even remember most of it! So that is saying something! It's a complete mystery to me but we can all get though it together. Now let me sit and think…


Amanda: …Uhh—

Sullivan: Ohhhh right! The reason why I am here! Heha! Yes, indeed I was majestic as the stories go, I flew like a bird raining terror from above to those M.E.G. buckos!… Well the front isn't above is it? Well you get the idea! Knocking 'em down like bowling pins, it was a home run of a sight!… If you can even hit bowling balls with a baseball bat… Y'know, that reminds me how I tried that once; don't try that at home in case you were getting your socks all in a jiffy about it. So that brings me to my main point… Birds! They can fly right? Gah! Who am I kidding they swim! No… wait that was penguins. I mean we do have birds here after all so I have no idea how I could even mess it up so much to get it right. Technically it would be the middle? Heh. Who cares! My main point is that I am absolutely starving for some more destruction of the corruption! Well before my stomach destroys me, excuse me where's all the grub at?

Amanda: Sigh… waiting for this to be over first before the feast Sully… waiting for you.

Sullivan: Wow! I never had food wait for me in my life! Heheha! So why not cut this short and continue for a few hours eyy? Heh… It's the perfect way to burn time like the calories after I engulf the delicious pastries. Mmm… tasty. Okay okay, I know what you're all thinking "Oh Sully! Tell us some of your astonishingly jaw dropping experiences working for the Masked Maidens" and I will tell you all now that a jester and the self-proclaimed best never gives away their secrets!… So that is exactly why I'll tell you my journeys starting with the time where-

(As Sully is going on about his nonsense, I notice Janice is still on the balcony, so slowly walk away from the stage and towards her location.)

Janice: Slither… Crawl…

Kyra: Uhh… Janice? What are you doing.

Janice: Hmm…? Ohh, you… just looking out at nothing.

Kyra: Staring into space?


(I didn't know what was wrong. I went in to try and comfort her. I first asked what happened.)

Kyra: W- well, what happened?

Janice: Ohh. Nothing… just nothing…

Kyra: Nothing…?

Janice: Yeah…

Kyra: You're lying…

Janice: Pfft…

Kyra: Come on! What's up?

Janice: Its like… everything… but nothing collapsing on me all at once… something biting the back of my head…. have you ever had that feeling? I grew up with it…

Kyra: I- Uhh… no. But I think I can make you feel better…

Janice: How are you gonna do that…?

Kyra: Because you told me not to be afraid of what makes me special… and if you have these, events it's best to tell me.

Janice: Ehh…

Kyra: You had done so much for me during my time here. I feel at home. I feel at home because of you…

Janice: Huh. Welcome… home?

Kyra: Well it wouldn't be without you… which brings me to my point.

(I reach and grabbed her hand… it felt so right to me.)

Kyra: I… I love you.



(There was so many things I wanted to say… but then…)

Janice: Meh…

Kyra: Wh- I- Uhh I—

Janice: I never… really cared…

Kyra: B- but- wh-

(I couldn't handle it. I tried to run away, but her hand… it was still holding on, wouldn't let me go. It was such a strong grip, but I broke free. As I was tearing up, I turn around to see her, she was doing the same. I didn't put the pieces together but I just thought it was all over. If I only knew… I ran back to my spot, trying to hide the fact I was crying. Sully was still doing his speech.)

Sullivan: I thought it was my mother but then these large yellow frog fellows came up to me thinking I was the tastiest treat there ever was! Trust me that is far from the truth, but I assure you—

Amanda: Okay Sullivan I think that is enough.

Sullivan: Gah! I was just getting to the good bit where I make yellow frog stew! Hahaha!—

Amanda: Okay, we would have Kyra give out a speech but I think we had enough… speeches for today so why not bring out the feast!

Madam Evangeline: It is time for the feast in celebration of all our amazing and some certainly strange Maidens!

(The Madam then quickly clapped her hands twice as a group of Facelings come out bringing a bunch of baked goods to the table.)

Madam Evangeline: Let's begin shall we!?

(Right as the party began, two Maidens came into the room as one called out to The Madam in need of assistance.)

MM Member-1 "Bauta": Madam! We have a Maiden in need of medical attention!

Madam Evangeline: Could it be?

Amanda: Oh my…

Ronald: H- heelp…

Madam Evangeline: Who could've done such a thing!?

Amanda: He's burnt with electricity marks, it was an Entity attack.

MM Member-1 "Bauta": That is not all, he said to me over and over that it was a set-up.

(I was frozen in fear from what the Maiden said).

MM Member-1 "Bauta": He claims the captain lead them to a trap.

MM Member-2 "Volto": Hurry! He needs help!

Amanda: Wh- what!? Someone get this man help and figure this out!

Madam Evangeline: Janice Haley! Get right here this instant!

(She slowly walked towards the middle of the room. The fact that a man is barely alive close by and burnt never even phased her.)

Janice: Yes… Madam…?

Madam Evangeline: Did you do this to one of our OWN kind!?


Amanda: This is outrageous! Would this mean you are The M.E.G. Spy?

Janice: …Yes…

Sullivan: Ohhhhhhhh snap!

Kyra: No!

Madam Evangeline: You had killed the entire strike team! That is not something you can get away with!

Amanda: I always had an inkling of suspicion, but I never expected it to be true, and this does not help your case.

Madam Evangeline: Kyra! Does this mean you are also a spy!?

(All the other Maidens turn their heads towards me. Filed with anger and sadness.)

Kyra: N- no! No I'd never!!!

Mackie: Madam!

Madam Evangeline:

Mackie: Kyra was never a part of this. I can confirm she is telling the truth.

Madam Evangeline: How do we know we could trust you hmm?

Mackie: Please…

Madam Evangeline: Sigh… very well. Kyra will be interrogated soon after. Once she… get's a hold of herself.

(Everyone can see how I was. Full of tears, I was embarrassed, but I didn't care anymore.)

Madam Evangeline: As for you Janice… you will be banned from ever being within a Maidens station again! We will give you this last chance to live. Leave while you can. I am disgusted from the horrors and misery you had brought on our strike team and your faction's corruption in general. What do you have to say for yourself?


Amanda: Pardon me Madam, I had enough of this, she will not say anythin-

Madam Evangeline: Amanda Wright, you may only speak when I deem it necessary.

Amanda: So you're just going let her run free?

Madam Evangeline: Why would we keep her here?

Amanda: Did you not remember my plans for traitors? I was rambling on about it for ages!

Madam Evangeline: Indeed I have, I had put it down on the list with your behaviors about the situation at hand.

Amanda: Of course, taking notes as always.

Madam Evangeline: It was for security reasons! We cannot have-

(As The Madam and Amanda were having an argument, Janice walked out of the room, and assumingly the entirety of Level 67 slowly.)

Madam Evangeline: And that is why—

Amanda: Pfft, I'm done with this. This argument is pointless.

(Amanda sits back down and tilts her head back and took a deep breath to release stress.)

Mackie: Umm… wh- why didn't we just lock her up for more M.E.G. information?

Madam Evangeline: Sigh… She is tough, she will never speak to us no matter what happens. And we are not monsters like the corruption to kill people.

Sullivan: Well—

Amanda: Shut…

Sullivan: Hmm.

I couldn't take it anymore. I ran to my room, as I was running I could see all the other Maidens stare at me as I was crying. I didn't want anything to do with this, I didn't want nothing. I just wanted to be alone. Alone like I always was. Sobbing in my bed for hours and hours. Thinking about that one moment.

She was just there, her grip was so tight but her words were so hurtful. I didn't understand it. I didn't want to. I was so sad I could barely breathe. Everything I tried to build up, everything I thought I had just collapsed all in one moment… or may I never had anything at all… I didn't know anymore.

I just didn't know why. Why put me through all of this? Why treat me as if I was important to say you never cared? For what reason…? I never knew at the time… there was just one more thing… her skin was… more flaky… I can't describe it. It felt older and dry. And her arm… there was this shape in her arm…

It looked like a snake...

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