The Snake Crawls Part 2: Let The Chaos Ensue
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May 19th, 2021:

After what felt like eons of living in a prison for the innocent, I finally feel like my life is finally getting somewhere better. With the mask I feel like I am home again. Without it, I feel like I am trapped within my own mind. That I am within the flow of my own thoughts, blocked by a locked door without the key. The mask is the key; I am finally free.

Let's carry on the show, shall we?

To someone who tried their entire life to escape the yellow halls, the cold concrete floors of Level 1 would feel like a shallow grave of a reward. But that's what this world is, a purgatory. And from what we've learned… home isn't so different after all. Living your entire life to get nothing but a hollow prize that never truly existed. Let's see if we can find any differences together.

We were traversing through the stone cold halls. Us, and the others. Sullivan is an interesting character. He never wants to take his mask off. It seems like he never will or possibly never even could, but how can we blame him? I wouldn't want to be taken off either. We are perfect for each other. Janice is… different from what we have seen… It almost feels like a warm welcome after everything we have been through. Such a pity that we both ended up in this situation after all.

That's when she started to ask questions while I was away.

Kyra: So… Janice right?

Janice: Yes, what might it be Kyra?

Kyra: I was just thinking about my mask… it considered us to be the same, but it feels different.

Sullivan: Well, why would you be any different from your true self if it is yourself?

Janice: To be precise, a mask is somewhat sentient when you use it. It will then consider you and itself as the same being. Such as the reason why it goes by your name.

Kyra: It's just like, different… but it feels the same way as I do.

Janice: Yeah, it's seen all your memories and it feels like it was a part of them. It feels the same pain as you do.

Sullivan: It must be the reason why I feel like everything is hilariously painful!

Kyra: Wow… So, you two have different masks. Do they hold different effects?

Janice: Yeah, even carry different personalities… but it's almost like portraying your true self. My mask is a Pantalone Mask. It can make me seem.. off sometimes, but it pretty much keeps the way I act normally. Sully's mask is—

Sullivan: An entire can of worms that has already been opened by a fairly amusing jester! Heheha!

Janice: Sigh… always interrupting me…

Sullivan: I mean, who would wanna keep me quiet? Heh…

Janice: Right… his mask is an Arlecchino Mask. The mask bases its entire thing off of comedy that is practically nonsense. He almost never takes it off.

Sullivan: No need to turn the lights off in this wonderous showcase of amusement! Heh.

Kyra: Ooh… What would my mask be?

Janice: Your mask is a Buskin Mask, otherwise known as a Tragedy Mask, popular in Greek theaters. Your mask makes you act a bit more impatient and very dramatic. You'll probably complain quite a bit using it. No offense.

Kyra: Nah! This is all very interesting to me!… I feel a lot better then I normally was back in Camp.

Janice: Your group is under a constant hold by The M.E.G. who are fairly corrupt in their goals. Sullivan can tell you if he'd like.

Sullivan: When innocent mysteries stay unknown amongst the overlords they use the innocent for their overlooked research! It's all a hoax! A ruse to so that they can keep themselves safe. I was super lucky to be a part of that agonizing process! But that is how I met myself! On a date of destiny! Heheha!

Kyra: So you're telling me they did experiments on you with the mask and you escaped with it?

Janice: Yup! He's been through a lot for how carefree he acts.

Sullivan: Personality is in the jeans! Too bad I am using a different pair of pants. Hehe.

Kyra: And what's your plan here?

Janice: To stop the spread of that corruption. And put an end to their control. We will give the other groups the same treatment if they try to rise after the conflict ends.

Sullivan: A silent war, which isn't silent anymore because we just talked about it! Hmm.

Kyra: Wow, that's very admirable.

Janice: Thank you Kyra. I admire your enthusiasm to help us in our quest. Now, we shall continue to reach our destination. The Madam needs to greet us.

It's amazing, it really is. I just couldn't believe that I feel like I have a purpose in something. It's something I dreamt of every day in The Backrooms. I feel like I fit in somewhere with the rest of the puzzle. It's a very comforting feeling knowing that you matter in something for once. If this is my true purpose, then I will fulfil that mission.

We then continued walking down the damp halls of Level 1, looking for something that was unknown to me at the time. I didn't know where I was going with them, but I knew that I'd be better off there then where I was before. We saw a few Entities in the distance, but we never confronted one; we didn't need to.

Something about the cold of Level 1 really made me feel a lot better then in Level 0; still damp, but it wasn't warm. It was actually soothing and kind of refreshing. Usually I tried not to slip on the countless puddles of water on the floor. It's a strange thought to think that someone's fate may have been sealed by a puddle in this Level. Maybe while being chased? Most likely…

Damn… when did I get so dark with my thoughts? Well, I guess I was always dark.

But after a long walk, we finally found it. Glimmering in the distance was a beautiful golden mirror. The gold itself looked real and was carved with a floral design. It was expertly crafted. And as I walked closer to it, the more it seemed to glow. It was all foggy inside, its contents left to my imagination — and my curiosity. I wanted to know more.

Kyra: Woah!

Janice: Get your masks… it's showtime.

Kyra: Right… Here we go… The spotlight has shined down on me once more.

Sullivan: One foot after the other! Baby steps! Heh.

Janice: Remember Sully, we can't mess around in The Reflection. It is a fragile place.

Sullivan: Of course! Can't go around breaking the mirrors. I don't need more bad luck than what I already have! Haheh.

Kyra: I assume we have our audience waiting on the other side?

Janice: Mhm! you're right. They'll be happy to see you Kyra. A new member is always welcomed here.

Sullivan: Gotta treat 'em the way you wanna be treated! I guess I just want to be in pain!

Janice: When we walk into this mirror, we'll be transported to… well, you may know it as Level 939. A hall of mirrors that may take us to wherever we need to be.

Kyra: It sounds fairly intriguing… where must we go from there?

Janice: Simply using the exit will lead back home. Level 294.

Sullivan: Informance is your performance.

Janice: Well, indeed it is. Let's not waste anymore time and get into it.

Kyra: Through the curtain.

When we walked in we were greeted by a large hall that looked to be in medieval origin. There were many mirrors all lined up on each side of the hall. Each mirror was labeled with a number. We came out of a mirror labeled "Level 1". It seemed to be in random order, which was weird to think about.

I was honestly amazed by that place. Just the ability to travel anywhere in a few seconds is pretty powerful. I was just wondering about how it was discovered and what possibilities this gives us. As we continued down the hall I could see a bunch of other masked members, but some of them looked… off. Hazy and foggy is the only way I could put it. That was until I walked up to one. It was me! But, like a ghost. Janice explained that this was a normal effect in Level 939 and told me not to interact with them.

I was curious, but I stopped myself and continued on forward. Then, when we reached the Entrance to Level μ we had reached a barrier.

MM Member-1 "Bauta": Hey! Stay back!

Sullivan: Oooohohhohh! Spicy!

MM Member-2 "Pantalone": Sorry for my friend here, but you guys can't enter Level μ at the moment.

Janice: Ohh, why would that be?…

MM Member-2 "Pantalone": Well, the area is currently being searched for an M.E.G. spy. The Madam had sent a search group inside and we can't let any of them leave just yet until they are found.

Sullivan: Right. There's a mouse in your home and you don't have any traps left to catch it. So you send a bunch of cats to eat it up! Heh.

Kyra: So I can see we cannot enter such place currently until this spy is caught in their act.

Janice: Seems about right. We can head somewhere else for the time being.

Sullivan: On the road again my friends! Let's stop for some ice cream! Heha!

Janice: You know, that reminded me… We can head to Level 67! Up for baked goods anyone?

Kyra: Looks like we'll be getting somewhere after all.

So, we head over to the mirror that was labeled "Station 2: Level 67". I thought to myself, 'baked goods?' I wondered what they meant by that until I saw for myself. It was a bakery. It looked pretty retro, which I thought was cool. The place had a purple accent to it. It was neat!… however Sully mentioned how it was colored orange so I thought it might just be an effect.

Janice mentioned to behave at The Waiting Line. There were Facelings stretching on for quite a bit… I tried to be patient, but all I had in my mind were complaints. She told me that the Facelings would turn on us if we tried to cut through. I was hesitant but I waited. Once we finally got to the counter, there was another Faceling there posing as a clerk. He pointed at all the baked goods and even showed me a cinnamon roll. Those were my favorite back when I was a kid. Janice told us not to take any of the food shown at the counter.

But I had this urge to say something… I don't really know if it was the Level that told me this, or if my mask said it for me… But it seemed to have saved us.

Champagne, dear maiden?…

The clerk looked at me and pointed to its right, away from the line or visible eating area.

Sullivan: Sheeeeeee did it!

Janice: Hmph, sure did. Good job Kyra!

Kyra: I told you I was efficient in my experiences.

Sullivan: She sounds just like me! Mask doing everything! I'm so proud! Heha!

Janice: Now we have opened up a path to a lounge area. There we can stay as our main base of operations.

Kyra: Let's carry on shall we?

I was surprised myself, but I guess my mask knows a lot more than I do myself. We made it to this lounge area. More Maidens wearing masks were walking around here too. Seemed like everyone was busy. The ceiling was taller then normal and had these colorful birds flying around these bushes full of flowers hanging from above.

Janice told me that this would be my new home for now. I had my own little room waiting for me. As we walked towards it, I could see many different members doing their tasks. It looked so interesting… did one of them have a tail?… You know what? Never mind that.

When I got to hall that contains the entrance to my room, Janice was called by another member on the other side of the hall.

Sullivan: Oh ohh! Looks like someone is in trouble! Hehe…

Janice: No, Mackie is a Pantalone user like me. We need to share info with each other to make sure everyone is in check remember?

Sullivan: Gah! T'was a joke Janice, no need to get funny on someone such as myself. Haheh…

Janice: Yeah, just… never mind.

Mackie: Greetings Janice, Sully and… Oh look what we have here. You must be a new member! Kyra right?

Kyra: Indeed it is. Pleasure to meet you Mackie.

Mackie: I assume Janice had already informed you on our mission and such. Your job will be searching for those who know too much about our operations. I can see that you and Janice will make a great duo.

Sullivan: Don't ironically forget about the most amusing jokester there ever was!

Mackie: Yes, and you Sullivan, if you're not busy doing your proper job. Being a distraction, that is.

Sullivan: Oh you are always so generous to me! heh…

Mackie: Landon needs you for a task Sullivan. You have been called for a distraction mission. He'll inform you once you arrive.

Sullivan: Of course! In need of the self-proclaimed best amirite!?

Mackie: And as for you Janice, you have been called for an infiltration mission in The M.E.G. Database all the way at Level 4. You will need to set yourself up in a few hours.

Janice: Right, on it! Have fun with your new home Kyra!

Mackie: As for you Kyra, you'll be going with Janice when she is ready. I see you are eager to start helping so this can be your first mission. In the meantime, make yourself at home Kyra.

Kyra: Will do. Thank you for your kindness!

I walked into my room as I watched Janice run to hers at the other hall, preparing for her adventure. She's been so nice to me; it's different from the careless feeling I get from most people in The Backrooms. I felt the same amongst the rest of The Masked Maidens but she felt… different.

As I closed the door behind me, I looked around to see a bed, some books on a shelf, a couch, and a carpet. Even a few cabinets and a lamp. Felt like home to me. I guess this was furnished by the Level itself? Who knows. The room also had purple accents like the rest of the Level, but I learnt that it was one of its effects. I wondered what its true colors were. Well… I guess I can finally show my true colors here.

May our journey together be filled with victory.

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