The Serpent's Void

Over the past months, we at the Repository have been hearing rumors of people having dreams relating to a possible unnumbered level of the Backrooms. After collecting this data, the Master Administrator has deemed the entries to be genuine. If so, we at the Repository feel the need to share these notes with the public. The following information was gathered over a 6 month period from various sources.


"Forever Loyal. Forever Eternal"

A wanderer, who wished to stay unnamed, came forward to one of our diggers with information that they said was intriguing. The data that this digger received has been transcribed below.

Well I don't know where to start this but…

I went to sleep, and of course I begun to dream. This had to be the weirdest one yet, though. I was on this huge snake body, and the thing just went for as far as the eye could see. For some reason I had this… this weird Japanese weapon in my hand. It was like a super short katana, and these big snakes came outta the snake ground! It was just weird

Next thing I know I'm killin' those larger snakes with that small sword and making my way across the place. I think I saw a building in the distance after getting rid of another one. Looked almost like a church or cathedral. Dream stopped as soon as I took another step, though. That's all I got.

M.E.G. Database:

Event Log: 28230 | Type: Journal | Date: 01/07/2022

This log was written by E1C Florence Hamilton, who had reported a weird dream about a level in the Backrooms. She brought it up to her team leader, Han Irwin, in hopes that it might mean something.

Begin Log:

I had just fallen asleep after training with the rest of the team. Somehow I remembered this dream above others, and now I'm glad I did.

I was walking through Level 625 in that dream, and it was after the whole incident with Entity 206. I was talking to Han before I randomly fell through the floor and onto a massive snake's body. After I oriented myself the scales never seemed to end. They were just one long, solid, breathing foundation that made the ground.

As the serpent slowly breathed and the ground rose and fell, I looked down to see that I had a katana in my hand and I had gauntlets on. Not that it mattered for long, though, as snakes rose from the ground and began to charge me. I'm not sure how I did this in my dream, but I was chopping them up for sushi.

It felt like hours had passed, and my exhaustion had gotten the better of me. They were around 12 to 19 feet tall, if I had to guess, so those things weren't thin. One clamped down on my head, and then the dream ended. While I blacked out, I could hear something being whispered in my ears. It was in a different language, and I could almost make it out. Sounded like Latin or something.

God, I don't think I'll ever like snakes again.

End Log:

A second wanderer, who also wished to remain unnamed, brought forward their dream to another digger stationed on Level 192.

Oh, my dream? Yeah, that dream.

[Omitted] shivers, twitching their head.

Yeah, I remember it. I was walking through Level 94 before I floated upwards and then was forced into the ground. I blacked out and woke up, looking at a purple sky. After I got up I realized that I had some sort of helmet on that I couldn't take off.

I heard hissing behind me, and as I turned I saw this… this huge serpent above me…

[Omitted] begins to shake more, and after a ten minute break is willing to keep talking

Sorry, I just… I needed to take a break. That thing was absolutely massive. I don't know how I was gonna kill it with a damn bow and arrow. It worked, so bless whatever those arrows were made out of. I never seemed to run out, and about 17 or so charged me before they all stopped.

I looked around after taking a breath and saw that the sky was a purple gradient. Although I had just killed a bunch of snakes, it was oddly beautiful. I could see a few black orbs in the sky; some were big, some were small. After admiring the sky I saw a building in the distance and begun walking towards it.

As I entered, I could see a large obsidian statue that had many heads in it. There was a large one at the top that looked like a snake mixed with a dragon, and an orb in a elk's mouth. The floor was coated in blood, and if I had to guess it went up to about half of your calf?

Reluctantly, I stepped into the blood and felt the crunch of bones under my feet. As I approached the statue, I raised my bow to it, and it floated up towards the orb. I don't know why I did this, but after the bow lifted from my hands the dream ended.

I think I'm gonna have nightmares about snakes now…

Well… that was certainly a experience.

I had a dream today. I don't usually have those, but enough babbling. It started off in my domain as always. I was then greeted by The Bellhopper, who told me something was wrong. I got up from my seat and went with them through my hotel. That's when I realized we were walking in a repeated loop.

As I realized this minor oddity, the mahogany-red walls transformed into an inside of an interesting long creature. I was clueless as to what was taking place in-front of me, so I tried to run back to my office.

This was when I fell through the floor, but instead of falling down completely, a strange gravity effect pulled me back up around the creature's body. The wind felt cold as I stood upon a large serpent that seemed to never end. As soon as I rose to the top, I was met with a horde of large serpents rushing towards me. I looked at my hand and I was holding an elongated blade, while wearing an armor set of an ancient warrior.

I fought for what felt like hours on end until the serpents stopped manifesting. Out of breath, I then turned around as I saw golden grains of sand flying through this despicable void. They… spun around, almost, and flew right past me. Once I turned around completely, I was in-front of a great cathedral. Inside was empty but… warm. Comforting. Different from the cold winds I felt earlier.

As I took the time to appreciate the scenery, I realized the entirety of the floor was covered in a pool of blood. With no choice, I walked through it to reach my destination. I don't know why I trekked through such disgusting liquid, but there must be reasons that I am unsure of. Then, a tall obsidian structure adorned with animal faces appeared before me. It spewed this energy from the mouths of the carvings, which created a small purple orb in the mouth of a dragon. I, for reasons beyond myself, placed the weapon inside the orb. It then… absorbed the weapon, and the pool of blood started to move towards the mouths of one of the carved creatures, and before I knew it, the cathedral had not a single drop left.

I walked out of the cathedral to find the Bellhopper, to my surprise. I walked towards them to ask what was going on before everything disappeared beneath me and I was falling into the purple void…

That's when I had awoken from my slumber, and I fell out of my seat in shock.

I got up to continue my business as always. I do not know what this dream meant, if it had any meaning at all, but I must continue my work. Feel free to visit us if you wish.

- Courtesy of The Beast.

Kazuo Nishimura, a database assistant for the M.E.G., had travelled back down to the Onyx Zone of Level 197 to meet with the Sovereign again. How he has done this is unknown, yet he had extracted useful information pertaining to this phenomenon.

I have not dreamed in a very, very long time, my friend. This one, however, was a welcome surprise to my normal routine.

Yeah, it was really weird! He kept telling us about it!

I had fallen asleep after walking through my caverns for hours. As I had closed my eyes to rest, I immediately ascended upwards and through the roof of my cavern. I was not in control for any of this, and eventually even my whispers left me as I transcended into this plane.

I landed on my feet to realize that I was on the body of a large serpent. I could not describe the size of it to you. One scale was enough to fill one hundred of me, and ten times more crystals. It was enormous.

I felt something in my hands, and as I looked down I discovered that I was grasping a large, ancient greatsword that was not my own. I heard hisses from behind me and turned, seeing a large serpent monster coiling to strike above me. As it launched down and bit into my arm I cut the foul beast's head clean off, ripping out the fangs that it had bitten me with

The beasts never seemed to stop coming. I had to move, get out of the way of their attacks, and to somewhere safe. The persisting issue is that no matter where I looked I could not find a safe place of residence.

That was, of course, until I saw the building in the distance.

I ran as fast as my legs could take me, immediately opening the doors of the large cathedral and falling into the blood pool that took up the space in the floor. I waited until I heard nothing more than the crunching of my joints, and when the hissing stopped and the slithering trailed away, only then I rose.

I exited the cathedral, dripping and coated in wherever the crimson blood came from, and looked up in the sky. I do not know why I did, but the feeling overcame me. My eyes focused on an object in the sky, and what I saw was… intriguing, to say the least. It was a planet, blue and green, with a large serpent around it. This one was different from every other one I had seen. While the others were opal white, this one was onyx black, like myself. I could see its details of the scales, the length of its body, and how it bit its own tail.

Unfortunately that is where my dream ended. I awoke back in my cavern with my whispers yelling at me to wake up. I do hope this helps you on your investigation, my friend.

Kazuo thanks the Sovereign for his time and begins to leave.

Wait, Kazuo. I have…

"Yes? What's wrong?" Kazuo turns to look back at the Sovereign

I cannot explain it, but I feel as if there is a looming danger approaching. Something about this dream tells me that we must act on it. Find this void, this plane of serpents and poison. We must do something about it, and quickly.

Kazuo nods, hearing the distress in the Sovereign's monotone voice. A doorway appears behind him and he leaves the Onyx Zone.



Operation: Dreamcatcher
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Performed On:

Operation Leader:
A. Kozioł

Involved Personnel:
No other personnel.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Plan of Action:
Begin to research the origins of where this dream may have come from, connect details with known levels, and discover the area told in the text below.

<Begin Log>

I was sleeping after filing away some documents. Long day of work, and I fell asleep basically as soon as I hit the sack.

I believe I was walking through Level 109 in the dream. Not completely sure why, but around four minutes after I began floating. I tried to grab onto something near me, but there wasn't anything I could hold to stop from ascending. Seconds later I was thrown into the ground and then woke up on something hard. I looked to my side and saw that I was on a massive snake's body that stretched on forever, hanging in this purple gradient sky.

Once I got up, I realized that I was wearing some sort of samurai chestplate and had a smaller katana in my hand. I forget the name of it. Out of nowhere the ground opened up beneath me, and as the snake body parted I could see the infinite void below me. I felt… entranced, almost. Something was telling me to jump in, to accept my fate, and I almost did had it not been for the snake coming for me from the gap in the ground.

It charged me and I slashed at it, recoiling instantly to make sure I wasn't bitten. I got a lucky blow, because I was covered with blood and the serpent hit the ground with a low boom. This continued until I felt like I would collapse from exhaustion.

What I didn't realize is that I was backing up slowly towards this large church-like building. A better term would be cathedral. As I entered I tripped backwards into a huge pool of blood, and like a normal person I instantly flailed out of it and cleaned my face off.

There was low humming, chanting, almost, and it sounded like it came from everywhere. There was no one else, not a single soul. Just this huge black crystal sculpture sitting in the middle of the blood-coated floor. There was this black orb with a purple aura in the mouth of what looked like a bear, and as if I was being controlled I inserted my weapon into the orb. The thing absorbed my weapon and silently it began sucking up all the blood on the floor. The statue started to become white like the snake outside, and the chanting got quieter until not a drop of blood remained. Everything got silent.

It ended there. Woke up in a cold sweat and I had to write this down.

<End Log>

The Insurrection:

Wherever the battle may take us.

Agent Report Document 182-B

Dream-Related Events:

In the event of a dream relation, every occurrence within their dreams must be written and document for further research per request of The Guild. However, the following data received will be classified to only members of The Guild.

These are the following events occurred within Agent-892, Agent-101 and Agent-2054's Dream

Dream Event 1:

The first moments of the dream seem to be completely average, either within a Layer of The Inner-Rooms. However so far it does not seem to take place back on Earth. However, at this point in the dream things may seem off. Such as looping halls, and various snake-like imagery. This is when one would either fall though the floor, or levitate through the ceiling.

Dream Event 2:

This is where all three Agents explained very similar events. This event seems to take place on the top of a giant serpent-like being. All Agents described having various different samurai armors, and weaponry. As to an exact weaponry is unknown, as only a short-sword, katana and bows have been mentioned. This next section involves the Agents to use these weapons against hoards of hostile serpents in varying sizes and natures.

Dream Event 3:

So far, Only Agent-101 successfully survived past Event 2, as the other Agents had died in battle and had awoken from the dream. With Agent-101, he claimed to had seen a tall building in the distance that resembled some sort of medieval structure. As he walked inside he was greeted with a pool of blood. However, for these next actions, the Agent doesn't know why he acted this way. He had walked through the pool of blood towards the center of the building to where an obsidian totem pole was standing in-front of him. The mouth of the carved wolf was holding a purple orb which Agent-101 felt like he had to surrender his weapon to the orb. He then pointed the short-sword towards this orb, which the weapon seemed to levitate out of his hands and into the orb which consumed it. At this moment, all the blood in the building seemed to attract towards the Totem pole and into the mouths of the many creatures carved within. Agent-101 reported falling through a void after this which he then awoken from the Dream.

Data Received:

Due to Agent-892, Agent-101 and Agent-2054 having a similar dream, more time will be devoted to research into this anomaly and all Agents are complied to document their dreams for the near future.

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Description Log: 192
Date: 01/21/2022
Subject: Similar Dreams

This is an audio recording of the Maidens Kyra Haywood and Sullivan Vanderlyn and their first account of a similar dream they both had experienced. Other Maidens members have had this same dream, but only these two maidens claimed to survived the dream. Here is the recording:

Beginning of Audio Log:

Kyra: Well it was just… weird, but it definitely means something.

Sullivan: And I just thought everything was meaningless for a second! Heh.

Kyra: Do you mind if I go first, Sully?

Sullivan: Well its not like I never heard the term 'ladies first' before! Heha!

Kyra: Thank you. So it started off in Station 1. I was standing in the middle of the theatre, for some reason. And I just remember Janice calling to me from behind.

Sullivan: Aww! Heh, and I never get to see her in my dreams!

Kyra: I turned around to see her, standing before me. As I stare into her eyes, she spoke the words "Something is wrong." I asked what she meant by that, and she started to walk away.

Sullivan: Yeeeup! Sounds like her!… Well, not really but you get what I mean! Heha!

Kyra: I rushed to follow her, hoping to find out what she meant. As we walked I tried asking her questions but… she was silent. We walked to the backstage of the Liminary Theatre, and entered the set of double doors which, leads to the dressing rooms.

Kyra: As I walked in into the dressing room's halls I told her that we can't go here, the place is dangerous. Then she turned around to me… starting at me. I tried to ask why we were here… that was until an entire flood of those… snakes came from her ears, pouring out as if it was water. I screamed, but that was when I levitated through the ceiling.

Sullivan: This is where the fun begins!

Kyra: Is it so…? I basically ended upon a giant snake-like creature's body, it seemed to go on forever. This was when I realized I was wearing the armor of a samurai. I don't know why it was that specific armor, but it was.

Sullivan: Oh! What was your weapon?

Kyra: Mine was a spear, to be exact.

Sullivan: Heha! Yes! Mine was a pair of sai! Ahh, I just realized I spoiled it. Heh.

Kyra: Well, mine had a further reach which, came in handy for the snakes that were slithering out of the floor.

Sullivan: Ah, fair.

Kyra: I was fighting those things for… hours? I honestly have no idea how long it had been. but, after trial and error, I had eliminated all of them!

Sullivan: Heh, I had a heyday with that one! But just imagine the hay as snakes! Heha!

Kyra: Hahaha! I don't think that's what it means Sully!

Sullivan: Hmm, well it really should!

Kyra: Anyways, I continued to wander until I seen a large building in the distance. Looked like a cathedral of sorts.

Sullivan: Yeah that's the word I was looking for! Thank you very much!

Kyra: As I walked into the structure, I immediately seen blood… like a pool of it all across the floor. In the middle was this… Totem Pole? I have no idea what it was made of, some sort of black rock. And well, in the mouth on one of the creatures, that looked like a falcon, held a purple orb in its mouth. I don't know why but I felt as if my weapon had to go. So I gave it to the orb. It… basically ate it I guess? I don't really know how to explain it.

Sullivan: Yeah it seemed pretty hungry, like me right about now in this moment, do we have any biscuits dear maidens…? No? Alright fine whatever, I can starve then. Heha!

Kyra: Well, after I gave my weapon, all the blood kind of levitated into the mouths of all the animals on the totem. This is when I seen this gate. It was locked. I walked towards it then… all these mangles hands tried to reach out to me screaming at me. I ran out of the building but that's when I fallen into this void then woke up.

Sullivan: Bravo!

Kyra: Heh, thanks Sully! How was yours?

Sullivan: Well it started off as a grand adventure! As you should know someone as fantastical and stunning as myself is, I must have a whole epic of sorts to tell the Tale! In my mystical dream of wonder I was a pirate of the seventeen seas! I have no clue as to why there was so many! I thought there were only twelve!… err… seven? It doesn't matter because when I reached the land of the buried treasure I had opened up my map just for it to be taken by some cheeky monkeys. I tell ya' I was not in hippity hoppity mood when the map to the mysterious treasure of the golden banana was snatched right out of my hands! So I did the most obvious and normal thing I could do in this situation. I pulled out my spare map from my pockets! Which, I didn't have any at the time but that didn't matter, as I was back on track to destiny!

Kyra: Sorry, I just let him go on, it's pretty funny!

Sullivan: And as I myself, was going though the darkest and deepest parts of the jungle, I found what I was looking for! I found the temple of the Golden Banana in the distance with its glorious giant monkey head for top of the temple! However, there was treacherous ravines scattered about turning the path to a large gap. I knew what I must do. I grabbed upon the vines of the jungle and swung towards the grand structure! And as I did so, the cheeky little monkey buggers swung across with me! And as we got closer, the large monkey head had turned into a large serpent looking to challenge me! I launched myself into the air and manifested a giant pointy sword to strike down the beast as it charged towards me! Haha! The cool winds of awe blew in my face as I fell from the sky to rain destruction upon the beast!… And then I fell through the temple, lost the sword and landed on the top of that large snake thingumabob! It was such an unfair advantage but it must've been the inside of the temple! I realized that my pirate getup was subsequently changed into this epic armor of a warrior fit for myself! Within my hands I held a pair of sai! A weapon fit for my majestic agility and skill! Heh.

Kyra: Okay! Here's the part!

Sullivan: As I then looked out into the distance to see the snakes crawl out of the floor's scales I prepared for an epic battle! I had to get to that banana no matter the cost! As I plunge my blades into the beasts in style! Had to rack up the points if you get what I mean! Heh, I took a jab at every single one I've seen as the floor flooded with 'em! Everywhere as far as the eye could see! I tirelessly slay every single one until none were left in sight! All for a plate of snake sushi!… which I don't think it exists or does it? Anyways after my glorious victory in battle I had seen the graaaaaaaaand cathedral in my view! Thank you Kyra for the word, and then I skipped and hopped towards it! Finally at my destination for the golden banana! It was so close I could even taste the potassium! Heha!

Sullivan: That was when I walked in and noticed a pool of blood in front of me! I did what anyone such as myself would do! It was the prefect way to test my diving skills so I jumped in head first and swam my way there like a true champion! Backwards even! Then I had reached the guardian of the banana, the totem pole! The serpent in particular was holding a beautiful purple glowing orb. It then asked me to surrender my weaponry. I said… nah! I think not, I had too much fun with these th- "NOW!" it shouted at me. "Fine, alright wowzers!" I said in return. So then my weapons graciously levitated from my hands into the orb. And all the icky blood of whatever it came from started to get sucked up by the totem pole like a vacuum cleaner!

Kyra: Wait, it spoke to you?

Sullivan: Heh, either that or it was just me. Probably me, probably not. it isn't important now as when all the blood was drained from the building a large gate was reveled! And like Kyra said, the hands of many horrid creatures were reaching out to me. Heh, I gave them all high-fives as they must've been the audience to greet me as I finally reach the golden banana! However, I walked out of the grand… what was the word…? Bah! Doesn't mater! And I left empty handed. I wondered why at first but then I must've fallen down somewhere aaaaand before ya' knew it, I was awake! I then walked down the halls of Station 2 until I reached my breakfast! And there it was! The Golden Banana! Right there in my plate! Behold!

(Sullivan pulls out a banana from his right pocket.)

Kyra: Uhh… that's just a normal banana…

Sullivan: … Gah! T'was worth the adventure… Maybe the treasure wasn't the banana, but the friends I made along the way! Haha!… Wait there wasn't even anyone there. There must be somethi-

Kyra: Alright, cut the log here.

End of Audio Log:

Hello, and welcome to episode 387 of 'Talking With Quinoa.' And… this one is uhh… it's a weird one!

(The audience gasps in awe)

I know right? It's weirder then what's in your neighbor's trashcan! Quinoa’s advice: Don't go dumpster diving, personal experience. So buckle up! And if there isn't any around then hold on to your horses! If there aren't any of those either then, yeah I don't fucking know.

It basically starts off in my room. I mean where else would it be right? Now, you can call me an introvert, but I never left my room! So that makes me a… a- an introvert. I should've thought that through. Whatever! We're getting off track here.

So I had never dreamed about anywhere outside my room, so this was pretty creepy for me. I had the room in my studio form, and I just finished an episode! I should totally make an episode in my dream and have it here too, that'd be trippy!

But yeah I was just sitting there thinking about why ground is made of ground. It's a pretty solid topic if you think about it, and will probably become a future episode or something!

(The audience chuckles)

Ha! I just made a pun! Solid!

But after that, I just got up and stared at my poster of the sky for twenty minutes just so I can have the image ingrained into my brain. The fluffy clouds makes me think of nice things!

That was when this… iguana? I think? I don't know really, I get confused between iguanas, snakes and badgers. But this thing was in my poster coming straight at me. And, I did what any other panicked and confused Quinoa would do! I made a hole in the ground and buried myself in sand!

It's like taking a vacation from seeing things, all I could see through my little eye was sand! And my eye sure wanted to take a vacation after seeing that!

(The audience bursts in laughter)

It said "NOPE!" and packed its bags and realized it couldn't go anywhere! Because that'd be bad!

(The audience again, chuckles)

Well, it felt so warm and nice. I swear I could hear the ocean too! Which I never heard before; like, ever! It's like a "whooosh" sound, and honestly I- I don't know how to feel about it.

And right as I was in the comfort zone, the floor must had opened or something because I fell far far FAR down! And then I landed into this giant place full of moving parts, and it had scales! Like how fucked up is that?! I mean… I tried to eat one so I can't really say anything on my side but yeah! For the first time I was somewhere that wasn't my room! it felt so… so… yeah, it didn't feel any different now that I think about it.

This was when these iguanas started to jump me!

(The audience gasps in shock)

Yeah! Shit's more horrid than cauliflower! And I never thought that could even be possible! Personally I still hate cauliflower more though, Just by a bit.

Fucking piece of- oh shit, right! The dream!

So, these things were coming at me, and in a panic I put my arms up to defend myself. And apparently I was holding nunchucks! I was holding nunchucks, I was like a fucking ninja!

I mean the armor was a samurai, but that's cutting it veeery close for me! Only problem that stood in my way now was the iguanas and the fact that I chucked the nunchucks across the field by accident.

(The audience chuckles once more)

I mean c'mon! I didn't even realize I was holding them until I seen them fly away from me!… It- it can't fly right? I hope not. So I had to run across the moving place to get my shit back, with these iguanas chasing me from behind!

But luckily enough for me, I actually got them back! And as I picked them up, I did a backflip! No longer was I a ninja… I was a backflipping ninja!

(The audience once again, gasps in awe)

I fell face first into the ground!

(The audience bursts in laughter)

And after examining the ground very closely, I now have a enough knowledge to make a future episode for it! Like what makes the ground, ground? It's gonna be groundbreaki- I- I need to stop…

(The audio goes silent for a few minutes)

Anyways! I was making my way though the iguanas one by one! Oh, you think I meant beating them to death with ninja skills? No I was doing so by running past them and ignoring everything around me!… it wasn't fun.

So I had no choice but to fight back! And I gotta say, after watching all those epic kung fu movies, total being zero, I was actually pretty good at it! And somehow… I survived!

(The audience cheers in happiness)

Heh, thank you! Thanks it was—

(Various people in the audience shout "I love you!" from the distance)

Yeah! I know you're not real by the way! But thank you! I love you too!

Okay but seriously, it was a tough day for me overall! Well, it was a dream but you guys get the idea right? Great! Eventually I was left alone and there was no more iguanas trying to eat me anymore! Yay!

But then I was confused on what to do next. I couldn't make anything cool, nor did I see any sand anywhere. So there goes that plan. But then when I turned to my right, there it was! Sand! Flying sand! It was so beautiful!

It flew right past me! I had to just follow it y'know? It's flying sand and I am NOT losing the opportunity to ask it questions! But yeah that's exactly what happened. by the time I lost it, I was in-front of a large giant castle thing!

I walked inside and to my surprise there was blood everywhere! Like, I could swim in it if I wanted to! It creeped me the fuck out, but we all know blood is just fake movie effects right? So I didn't have a problem walking through it.

I was curious since there was this giant statue thing with multiple, and I mean multiple heads on it, and one had this glow-y orb thing so… I walked to it!

But then it took away my ninja nunchucks. I tried to get it back as I tried to pull the orb out of that fucking tiger's mouth… wasn't a real tiger, I wish it was though!

Anyways I sat down after trying to get back my cool ninja sticks, and all the blood was just… gone. I don't have the slightest idea as to why but it was. Then everything disappeared, and I was falling again! I don't like that!

And then I jumped off the floor where I slept that day, it was either that or the trashcan. I told you it was personal. But yeah! Here I am now! Talking to you guys!

(The audience applauses)

So our next topic: beavers!

(The audience cheers in excitement)

They eat wood! I tried that once and lemme tell you, my tongue was numb for a month. I don't have the slightest idea how they even do it-

Wait who said that?

You can talk now? The fuck!?

Oh that's… actually pretty cool! My Room can talk now guys!

(The audience cheers in happiness)

Wait what? No you can't just take the radio now?! You serious…? I was just gonna get to- F- Follow your heart guys! No don't you even fucking dare—

M.E.G. Database:

Event Log: 28237 | Type: Discussion | Date: 02/01/2022

This log was recorded when Overseer-A, B and C were discussing the reoccurring dream issue happening within The M.E.G. walls. What they discussed and their future plans are all recorded in this log.

Begin Log:

Stretch: Alright! Nice seeing you two back here today!

Andrew: Stretch, we were here a few hours ago.

Stretch: Ehh, kind of the point.

Kat: So, we're all here to discuss the dream, yes?

Andrew: I mean, why else would we be here?

Kat: Plenty of reasons, but let's get on-topic. I have business to discuss with other Groups of Interest.

Stretch: Right, right… uhm, I assume we all had the same dream right?

Andrew: You haven't told us your dream yet, so we don't know do we?

Stretch: Okay well, I suppose I'll go first then.

Stretch: So, it began like a normal dream at first. I was exploring Level 81. It was with one of our Teams of explor-

Andrew: Just get to the point.

Stretch: Uh- Oh, right. So Level 81 is obviously full of animals, but in my dream, I only heard a hissing noise. No other animals in sight. That was when a bunch of snakes flooded the halls. I tried to run, but I just ended up No-Clipping through the floor.

Kat: Interesting…

Stretch: So then I landed onto this scaly flooring of sorts. That was when I realized I was on the top of a large serpent that seemed to go on forever. I got up, and I noticed I was wearing this sweet samurai armor! And I had a katana thing too! However, it looked a bit different.

Andrew: Wait you got the sword? I got a large fucking mallet.

Kat: Hmm, A katana and a mallet? I seemed to have this blade on a string.

Stretch: Well I had the katana. And with that in hand, I prepared for the large stampede of snakes coming my way. Obviously, I must've been given the weapon to fight, so that's what I did. Took me a long while but I eventually got through every single one of them!

Kat: Mhm! I did too.

Andrew: I barely got out, but I did thankfully.

Stretch: Right, so after all that chaos happened, I was basically clueless as to what to do next. That was when I turned around and seen this cathedral-type building in the distance.

Andrew: I can confirm, I've seen it too.

Stretch: But then I seen this… flying golden sand.

Andrew: Wh- What?

Stretch: Yeah! There was thing flying sand that flew all around me like a spiral, before heading into the building.

Kat: Mine didn't spin around me, it just flew past me. But yeah I seen it too.

Andrew: Wh- I didn't see any of this magic fucking fairy dust!

Stretch: Sand.

Andrew: You know what I mean!

Kat: Please brother, continue.

Stretch: Okay well… As I walked in, I could see a whole pool of… blood… yeah I don't know, it's weird. But, alas, I had to walk through it to get to this large obsidian totem.

Kat: Oh yeah! That thing was there.

Stretch: With this large towering structure just sitting in the middle of the room, I was just drawn to it. Once I got there, I noticed a purple orb being held in the mouth of the lion. I felt like I had to give up my weapon in a way.

Andrew: …Lion…? Hold up, in my dream, I seen the face of a boar holding the orb.

Stretch: That's… strange, I never even seen a boar face on it at all.

Kat: Mine was a… rabbit. Intriguing.

Stretch: That's intriguing alright! Anyways, after giving up my weapon, I watched as all the blood drained from the building into the totem itself. And as I watched, I noticed a gate was revealed. And when I walked towards it, I started into the darkness behind it. And then a creature of some sort ran out to the front of the gate, trying to reach me, screaming at me.

Andrew: Hmph!

Stretch: I jumped and fuckin' ran! Haha!

Kat: Sounds like you.

Stretch: Heh, besides falling into the void and waking up… yeah nothing else. So anything different for you guys?

Kat: Besides the weaponry and totems, nothing.

Stretch: And the sand.

Andrew: Pfft, sand.

Kat: There seems to be a connection of sorts between the weaponry and the animals holding the orb. Could you search for the weapons we've seen?

Stretch: Sure, gimme a minute!

Andrew: I don't know about this, what does it even mean?

Kat: That's something we must find out together, Andrew.

Stretch: Hey Andrew! Is this the thing you had? It's called an Ono!

Andrew: Stretch, that's a fucking axe.

Stretch: Shit, my bad.

Kat: Please pay attention bro.

Stretch: I know! I know… how about this?

Andrew: A uhh… O- Ōtsuchi…? looks like it I guess?

Kat: All we have about the weapon seems to be some artwork.

Stretch: Yeah seems that way.

Andrew: How are you even finding these?

Stretch: We were wearing samurai armor right? I just assumed all of the weapons we had were Japanese related or something.

Kat: Good work.

Stretch: Heh, thank you!

Stretch: My weapon doesn't seem to be a normal Katana… it looks more like this Tachi thing. I like that name! Has a good ring to it!

Kat: I guess we found it then.

Stretch: Alright! Your turn sis! Let's find the blade n' string thing. I'll call it my string theory.

Andrew: Just stop.

Stretch: Fine! Sorry!

Kat: …That! Click on that!

Stretch: This? It's a Kage- K- Ku- no. Kaginowa? Kaginawa! However you pronounce it.

Kat: I think that's it.

Andrew: Sounds like it was more of a tool than anything.

Stretch: Still works as a weapon I guess.

Andrew: Hmm, sure.

Kat: Now, how does this relate to the animals?

Stretch: I… have no clue.

Andrew: Maybe we're gonna need help to figure this all out.

Kat: I like that idea.

Stretch: I second that. Did anyone else have this dream?

Andrew: I heard a few operatives had it, 'bout it.

Kat: None of them passed the snakes though like we did.

Stretch: Uhh, shit… where are we gonna find help?

Andrew: Ask around I guess? If we have to, we could try to communicate to enemy GoI's.

Stretch: Oh sure! let's walk right up to The U.E.C.'s door! Give it a little knock.

Kat: Hmm… could work.

Stretch: Nah we're not doing that, they'll fucking kill us.

Andrew: Then what else do you suppose we do then?

Stretch: I… I know a guy.

Andrew: Oh god, here he goes with the "I know a guy" thing again.

Stretch: Hmm, yeah. I do.

Andrew: Who would be this guy?

Stretch: Anyone up for The Repository?

Andrew: Alright stop right there, we aren't trading yet more of our resources just for information we could find ourselves.

Stretch: Nonono! I was thinking we could help each other.

Kat: Bro, what are you proposing?

Stretch: Alright! Master planning time!

Andrew: Don't ever say that again.

Stretch: So you see, if they find this dream important enough, we could have them gather information through The Eternal Repository's anonymous sources and we can compile a list of data that all of us can share. Therefore we don't have to get our asses blown up if we wanna communicate with GoI's such as The U.E.C. or The Insurrection.

Kat: So therefore we create an anonymous alliance. That's actually not that bad of an idea.

Stretch: Heha! See!

Andrew: Right…

Kat: So if everyone is in favor, say I.

Stretch: I! Me!

Andrew: Sigh… Fine, I.

Kat: We'll start these negotiations in a couple of days shall we?

Stretch: Sweet!

End Log:

This transcript was translated from the unified language of the GoI known as The Lost. This specific transcript seems to be Egyptian in origin.

The transcript seems to depict the similar reoccurring dream that was reported everywhere else in The Backrooms. The Weapon mentioned seems to be a Kama and the totem animal being a crocodile. Here's what was found:

Awoken. thy descended past the Underworld.

For it was time to prove thee to the gods that thy is worthy.

For as thy fall deeper , thy had been selected.

There Apep awaits. Flow of the chaos bound to his chains.

There thy awaited battle. No other choice had became.

There thy would rise above evil. There would show thy worthiness to Osiris to return to the underworld.

Grant thy eternal life. I must achieve.

Protection from the gods. Gift to fight.

There thy was ready. There thy stood.

There basilisks slithered. There thy battle.

For the gods thy sacrificed minions of Apep.

There thy stood.

Minions laid to waste. Proven worthy thy shall be.

Anubis, judge from afar.

The temple of the obelisks awaits thee.

Blood of a million serpents. Given back to Apep.

Sobek awaited to weigh thy heart.

The sickle, lighter than feather.

There thy stood. Worthy.

There thy stood.

The great awakening had begun.

There thy stood.

There thy stood.

Greetings, dear reader. It's a pleasure as always to meet your acquaintance. I come with a strange realization to tell. You see, I have been receiving a variety of dreams involving The Dreamweavers. This means that the dream is important and should be remembered. This one is… significantly important. Something has awoken, and I sense a great event will begin. A great serpent has risen. To what it is about is something I do not know, I am afraid. The Dreamweavers once foretold a great awakening within the Dream Realm, and thus it has already begun. I myself have been initiated. I bid you farewell with this realization in hopes you will be aware of the mystical wonders of what is to come. Thank you for reading, dear reader.


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