The Reverence
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The reverence's logo


A photo of an unnamed reverence representative


The Reverence is a highly secured group of individuals who have interfered with the backrooms and it's inhabitants in subtle ways ever since the founding of the M.E.G. They are assumed to not be human as they're known representatives appear to have inhuman capabilities and powers.

The Reverence appears to want to affect the backrooms in a certain way or even control it, however they have currently only been able to do so by manipulation of M.E.G and Cold Reich representatives. They are theorized to have played a part in the B.N.T.G's creation, and could have convinced the leaders to separate from the M.E.G.


The Reverence seems to not be interested in who wins the conflict between the M.E.G or the Cold Reich, instead pushing the two closer to attacking one another at every possible opportunity.

The M.E.G's official stance on the Reverence is to avoid them at all costs, as not dealing with them is the only way to prevent them from influencing the backrooms. The amount of times a reverence representative has contacted any M.E.G captain or leader is classified information.


The Reverence own no physical territory that we know of, however representatives seem to have some sort of power over the backrooms which we do not.

Known members

While the leaders of the Reverence are unknown, the Reverence has "Representatives" who work for them, making deals and tying up loose ends in order to help achieve whatever the Reverence's final goal is.

Known representatives include:

The Shape
The Duke of process

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