The Reverence

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A photo of an unnamed Reverence representative in level -5.


The Reverence are a group of individuals in the backrooms whose exact goals, location, and size remains a mystery. What is known about The Reverence has been gathered in second hand accounts, insider leaks, and educated speculation. As such, restraint is highly suggested when discussing or theorizing as to the nature of The Reverence as little factual evidence about them is currently known.

The Reverence are extremely formal and calculated in their actions and goals. They have manipulated several survivors of the backrooms into doing their bidding either through extortion or promises of wealth, safety, power, ect. The Reverence typically contacts selected individuals through members of the group known as “Representatives”, who possess various anomalous qualities that separate them from that of normal human beings.

The Reverence also seem to have a sizable amount of Level Keys, Liquid Pain, and Almond Water at their disposal which have likely been instrumental to their success and survival within the backrooms. The poisoning of several almond water supplies using liquid pain has been tied back to The Reverence, likely in an attempt to wipe out entire colonies reliant on the resource.


What territories The Reverence own are unknown, however Level -15 could potentially be the base of operations for The Reverence due to its connection with The Steel, presumed "Marketers" of The Reverence. Level 4 also seems to have a connection to The Reverence as sightings of representatives seem to frequent the most in this level.

Known members

Based on insider leaks The Reverence seem to thrive on some sort of democratic hierarchy, and rankings of Reverence members are at least partially known to us as of the time of writing.

When one enters The Reverence they seem to start some sort of initiation, performing menial tasks until their higher ups determine they are ready to fully join The Reverence. The only fully human members within The Reverence are those who first enter it, as it is theorized you lose your humanity slowly as you ascend up the ranks and are subject to more anomalous properties.

Eventually, the initiation finishes and you are taken into the ranks of a “Representative”. The presumed leaders of The Reverence and the highest known on the hierarchy are referred to as “Spokesmen”, however it is unknown what the requirements are to become a Spokesman.

The first written account of a Spokesman was written by a Reverence defect, and sent over an M.E.G forum board. This defector may still be in The Reverence's headquarters, as their current status is unknown.

I was called in to an office shortly after my last successful mission. They locked the door behind me, and I was alone in there with one of their leaders.

The word i’d use to describe him was… robotic. Inhuman, fully inhuman. He had no emotion in his voice, he never breathed or blinked once. I guess in their eyes, he was a perfect example of what to be in The Reverence.

He talked about a lot of things. He was apparently pleased with my performance, but he said he knew I wouldn't be able to improve unless I was given the proper "training". I was told this training is what everyone goes through, the process that turns a low level human worker into a proper Reverence Representative, and he wanted me to undergo it.

He warned me that I would have to go through this process several times over, and every time I went through with this training I would lose a part of myself, and "gain something greater”. I agreed to go through with it, and was escorted out of the room. I don't even know if i really had a choice.

They haven't started whatever procedure I'm supposed to go through, but I know it's happening soon. I’m trapped here, and there isn't much left in my future, I can tell. I would tell you where I am, where their base is, but the punishment i’ll get for revealing that information will be far, far worse than what I'm going to get by posting what I’ve already said.

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