The Rat Master
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Profile: The Rat Master STATUS: UNKNOWN


[NAME]: Charles Turner

Known Location(s): Level 2, Level 3 & Level 4

The Rat Master is a former member of The M.E.G. He was fired due to his incompetence and cowardice. He left Base Gamma about three years ago promising that he would take revenge and that he would see the Gamma Base and the entire M.E.G collapse one day, of course, none of his bravado was taken seriously. Everything changed when reports began of someone calling himself The Rat Master, so The M.E.G sent a team to investigate, but the only thing that returned was a half-eaten hand in the jaws of a rat. Shortly afterwards the team camera was recovered which came with a note where Turner revealed himself as The Rat Master.


Image of the Horde. Recovered from the half-eaten hand of a M.E.G Operative

Last Known Location(s):

The last report we have of The Rat Master was given in Level 11.1 where the only current photo of him was also taken. The reasons behind his stay on the Level are unknown.


Charles Turner was a 19-year-old boy when he left Base Gamma although now he must look in his mid-twenties. During his stay in The M.E.G he worked as a volunteer and intern under the orders of Officer Dom Tarsk, but this ended after Incident 1283 in which the subject received multiple serious injuries to his left arm, rendering it partially unusable.

After this he left The M.E.G, and at some point between that and the present Turner discovered the way to tame Death Rats and began to call himself The Rat Master. From this moment he began to attack lonely wanderers and although some managed to escape and they recounted their experience, however it is believed that many perished.

A few months ago The Rat Master began to attack minor outposts of The M.E.G devastating them completely, during this period multiple notes left by him were recovered. The survivors began to call their army of Death Rats "The Horde". The entities that belong to this horde are easily identifiable due to their glowing red eyes. Some survivors of the attacks reported the sighting of "insanely large" Death Rats.

The last attack that The Rat Master has carried out was at Base Gamma, during which all the troops of the base died except for a single individual (vide One of us). The base was recovered shortly after with the help of a group sent from Base Omega and The Rat Master has not been seen since then.

Historic Profile

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