The Must Yard
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Class 3

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The Must Yard is an Enigmatic Level in The Backrooms, and is extremely hard to enter.


This Level resembles an infinite scrap yard full of old cars, rusted metal and other devices. This Level is flooded with Almond Water, oil and plastic, and is around Usually twenty-two (22) feet deep, sometimes very shallow — around two (2) feet. to undocumented depths. Many old devices are scattered all around the area. Some are useful tools, useless objects, and even broken vehicles. Many of these vehicles include rusted train cars, sometimes stacked on top of each other, normal cars ranging from around the 1960's to 2000's. And broken parts of various jets and airplanes, both commercial, and military. Each of these vehicles have different effects when around or inside these vehicles. Here are the certain known effects:

  • Various Planes: You'll seem to feel as if your in the air, and you may sometimes hear voices on the broken coms on commercial planes.
  • Various Cars: Most do not have strange properties, but some will feel different each time. Some may feel as if it is driving, sometimes you can feel the places their driving to, even though no movement is made at all.
  • Various Trains: These will feel normal most of the time, but if you stay within the train cars for too long, you will feel movement, and you will pass out, waking up in either Level 61 or The Metro.

Throughout all of these minor events, most are not recorded. Inside the depths of the Almond Water is more piles of scrap and such. It is almost impossible to properly visualize anything in the waters, due to all of the must, dirt, oil, plastic and junk floating around obscuring your vision. As you travel deeper into the scrap yard, you will manage to see piles of scrap and junk floating in the sky, or half No-Clipping through other piles. Sometimes these piles will just fall through the floor. It is unknown where the piles transfer to. Around this area, you can find some militarized plane hangars all around the place, although most are flooded and are under exploration. There is a abandoned aircraft carrier found floating in an open area. That ship is under exploration, and is mostly unknown at this moment. There are rarely normal Entities around here other then Death Rats, Smilers and Hounds. There is a special Entity that is found in this Level called Scrappers, which you can read the Entry here: Scrappers. Most of this Level is unknown, and needs more exploration.

Discovery And History:

M.E.G. Event Log 802; Type: Level; June/23/2020:

This is the following event log from The M.E.G. when a 'Ferrari 250 GT Series' from 1952 inside the Traders Vault was undergoing testing, that lead to the discovery of this Enigmatic Level.

Begin Log:

(Time: 20:19 PM)

Test Log 1: Test has started. We are trying to activate the vehicle with an engine jump-start. [TEST 1: FAILED]

Test Log 2: Test has started. Trying to re-arrange the wiring of the car to activate vehicle. [TEST 2: FAILED]

Test Log 3: Test has started. Attempting to push out the vehicle for better inspection. [TEST 3: SUCCESS]

Test Log 4: Test has started. Opening the doors of the vehicle to access the inside. [TEST 4: SUCCESS]

(Note: Hey! there's keys in here, maybe if we pump in some gas, it could be possible to start this thing. - 'Axol' from Team "Trial Testers")

Test Log 5: Test has started. Using a gas can found within Traders Vault to activate the vehicle. [TEST 5: ANOMALY DISCOVERED]

(Note: Ack, we found out that the car like most others in this place, actually spew out Almond Water through the Gas Tank, with a few other strange things mixed in. It turns out the anomalous reports of this event is real. We will need to check out what is inside of it to see where the source is. I have tried to reach our arm inside of the Gas Tank, which had way to much room… And now I'm covered in the stuff. - 'Han' from Team "Trial Testers")

End Log:


Team "Compass Point" has been called for assistance with this new test.

Begin Log:

(Time: 23:37 PM)

Test Log 1: Test has started. We have re-tested the event claimed by 'Han'. [TEST 1: SUCCESS]

Test Log 2: Test has started. Trying to find ways to stop the overflow. [TEST 2: SUCCESS]

Test Log 3: Test has started. Placing a small drone with an equipped camera inside the Gas Tank. [TEST 3: SUCCESS]

Test Log 4: Test has started. Drone activation, and exploration. [TEST 4: LEVEL DISCOVERED]

(Note: The video we captured shows the drone entering the water, and hitting an unidentified metallic object. We backed up the drone, and went upwards until it exited the water to a surface of what seemed to be a 'Scrap Yard'. Overseer-B stated an immediate mission to find a better entrance to this newly discovered Level. we at Traders Vault kept using the drone and exploring, until something picked it up, and the camera cut out and what sounded like a crunch. - Reed from Team "Compass Point")

End Log:

(Note: The following events after was the mission to find an entrance to this Level. It took around two (2) weeks until an entrance was discovered in Level 58. What was found was that this Scrap Yard was a 'US Military Base' from the 1950's that turned into a Scrap Yard after abandonment. I guess that was when it No-Clipped, and the world forgot about it's existence… Like the rest of us. - Randy from Team "Compass Point")

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no Groups that reside in this Level that are documented as this Level was recently discovered, but it is possible.

Entrances And Exits:


You may enter by No-Clipping in piles of junk in Level 58. You can enter by a crashed and sunken F-4F Wildcat in Level 66, but it is not recommended. You can also open a blocked off gate in Level 127.


To exit, you can simply stay in the train cars to enter Level 61 or The Metro. Entering an empty shack and then leaving it will lead to Level 62. You can also find paintings lying around among the scrap, No-Clip through them to enter Level 29. Finding a factory in this Level will lead you to Level 23.

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