The Mirror Room
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The Mirror Room is a room found in Level 11.


The Mirror Room is a large mirror store found in Level 11. This store is 10 square kilometers of randomly placed mirrors. It has a wooden interior, though, in some areas, it is deprecated. The mirrors in this store are sometimes hung on the walls, stood up in rows, or glued to the ceiling. These mirrors can occasionally be shattered or be unpolished. Other mirrors can have ornate frames or modern frames. The anomalous capability of these mirrors are unique for each mirror and can not be trusted. Some mirrors can be ordinary.
As you move throughout the store, you can get lost in a maze of mirrors that can stretch on for meters to kilometers. These mazes can be found in the store in some places. In the end, they usually have a particular type of mirror or two. 6 mazes have been discovered so far.
Mirrors can be bought at the cash register, and any mirrors that are taken without paying are instantly transported back in.


The anomalous capability of the mirrors in this level is hugely varying, and any mirrors that are not noted are not to be trusted. These mirrors can be asked questions or be walked through into individual levels. A list of the important mirrors found at the end of mazes can be found below in this collapsible.


The staff at this level appear to be ordinary humans. Their movements and speaking are robotic, however. These staff can do many anomalous things and are dangerous if aggravated.

Janitorial Staff

These staff are relatively harmless and are seen throughout the entire room. They can be seen wiping down floors, mopping, and taking out broken mirrors. They clean up any dead bodies in the room and are not able to speak.

Cashier Staff

These staff are seen at the registers and are moderately dangerous. If any mirror is to be taken out of the store, they require an undiscovered currency in The Backrooms. they do not accept trades and try to kill anyone who tries to take a mirror. They are ruthless and very violent.

The Manager

The Manager is the man who controls the other staff. This staff is extremely dangerous and has the intelligence of a human. He will try to attack anyone who enters staff-only rooms or anyone who destroys mirrors. He can be spotted rarely roaming.

Entrances And Exits


This room can be entered from a door to a store called "Self-Reflection."


The exit door.

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